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Information for High School Students

We are pleased to have high school students taking Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) courses at Washburn and becoming familiar with how the tuition billing and payment system operates at the University level. It is the desire of the Business Office to partner in supporting students and parents as they experience the educational opportunities offered here. For this program, many parents take an active role in providing financial support and we want to assist them in this undertaking. Please understand that while we are eager to assist, we need to abide by the rules that govern our operations. We encourage you to read through the pages on the Business Office website so that you more completely understand the financial side of student life at Washburn University.


In order to access WU-View, our online payment system, a student must first activate his/her MyWashburn account. The process is as follows:

  • Activation requires the Washburn ID Number (WIN) which is sent by mail, and the activation code (sent by email).  If you need the Washburn ID, please contact the Admissions Office at or call 785-670-1030.  If you need the activation code, please contact the Student One Stop at or call 785-670-2162.
  • Go to and click on the "Account Activation Form" link.
  • Enter the WIN and the last 4 digits of the activation code, answer a few questions, then set up a password and security questions.

Once activated, a student must sign into MyWashburn, click on the Financial Services tab, and then click on the blue WU-View button in order to access the online payment system.  Students with activated accounts can also click on the "Current Students" button below to be directed to the MyWashburn sign on page.  


Current Students Button     Everyone Else Button

  • "Current Students" is for students enrolled in a class within the past two years who have activated their MyWashburn account. 
  • "Everyone Else" is for authorized users who are set up in WU-View (valid email address required) and assigned a PIN.  


While our staff will always be happy to explain university policies regarding student accounts, in order to speak with a parent about the account balance we must have the student's consent as required by FERPA. For the Washburn University Business Office, the student's consent to release financial information is recorded when s/he registers the parent as an authorized user. The student creates an authorized user in WU-View, which is the online Business Office portal. If the student is uncertain how to set up a parent as an authorized user, we will be happy to walk him/her through the process. The parent will need a valid email address in order to be set up as an authorized user. Once the parent has been recorded as an authorized user, we are able to tell the parent any financial information that s/he would like to know. In addition, authorized users receive email notification when eBills are generated and have the ability to set up a payment plan and/or make payments on behalf of the student.  Authorized users can access WU-View by clicking on the "Everyone Else" button above.

Although it is a poor idea for security reasons, students will sometimes give their personal login information to a parent so that s/he can view student information. Please know that this does not make the parent an authorized user. Likewise, a student may give a parent verbal permission to speak with our office, but this also does not make the parent an authorized user. Only parents who are recorded in WU-View are authorized users, and our staff can only speak with authorized users about a particular student.


The cost per credit hour for high school students enrolled in courses through the Concurrent Enrollment Program is one-half the cost per credit hour (rounded up to nearest dollar) of our traditional, undergraduate tuition for the semester.  For business courses, the cost per credit hour is one-half the cost of our traditional, undergraduate business tuition for the semester.  Enrollment in a CEP course represents a financial obligation that can only be reversed by withdrawing during the refund period.  The 100% refund period for CEP courses ends on the published 100% refund date for undergraduate students (see the Tuition Refunds link on the left side of the Business Office home page).  After that date, there is 0% refund for withdrawal from CEP courses.  All CEP students must have any prior semester balance paid in full before enrollment in the next semester will be allowed.


Our office will send out a single paper bill early in the Fall and Spring terms to all high school students with a balance. These bills serve as a reminder to students that they have a financial obligation to the University. Students and authorized users are encouraged to access information concerning the student account on the Financial Services tab of MyWashburn. Electronic bills (eBills) are generated periodically and are available for viewing and/or printing in WU-View. When an eBill is generated, an email notification is sent to the student's Washburn email account as well as to recorded email addresses for authorized users. Our office is happy to speak with students and authorized users concerning any charge that appears on an eBill, although certain questions may need to be directed to the office where the charge originates. 


We offer a 3-payment plan for high school students or parents unable to pay the Concurrent Enrollment Program tuition in full prior to the payment deadline.  Enrollment in the plan ends on the plan's published enrollment deadline for the term (see the important dates drop down box on the Business Office home page), but our office can administratively enroll a student in the plan after the plan enrollment closes.  The setup fee for the plan is $20 and becomes part of the total balance due. Installment dates are listed when signing up for the plan, but are normally around the middle of September, October, and November for the Fall term and February, March, and April for the Spring term.  Automatic payments can be scheduled at the time of enrollment in the plan.  For students with balances that are not covered by a payment plan, a $25 late fee will be assessed after the payment deadline effective with the Spring 2018 term.  


Payments on student accounts may be made in person in Morgan 103-O by cash, check, money order or PIN-based debit card; by mail with check or money order; or online by webcheck, signature debit card, or credit card (a convenience fee for credit card payments will be charged by the processor).  Because we encourage students/parents to pay online, we no longer accept credit card payments over the phone.  Please contact our office for assistance with any of these payments. Authorized users may set up a payment plan on behalf of the student. Authorized users can set up scheduled payments to have the installments automatically paid from a bank account, by credit card, or by signature debit card.


Regardless of whether or not the student is enrolled in a payment plan, high school students with a balance due will have a hold in place blocking release of transcripts or future enrollment until the balance is paid in full. All CEP students must have any prior semester balance paid in full before enrollment in the next semester will be allowed.