Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

At Washburn University, our faculty and staff members are our greatest asset.

As a faculty member, Washburn University will support you in every way and ensure it is possible for you to prioritize your students and their success. We recognize that Washburn can only offer the quality programs it does because of your experience, expertise and commitment.

As a staff member, Washburn University recognizes that you have a major role in creating a campus environment that enables students to thrive. We appreciate that the Ichabod experience would not be possible without your efforts – from keeping up our grounds and facilities to ensuring our campus and students are safe, healthy, involved and employed.

Here, you’ll find information about services available, awards and recognitions, governance, benefits, grant opportunities and the annual United Way campaign. Reach out if you need assistance or have a question that is not addressed here.

We want you to succeed so Washburn can succeed.

Professional Development

Leadership Washburn is designed to push both faculty and staff members to become better leaders.

Leadership Washburn