WU-View: The Online Payment Portal

Setting Up Authorized Users in WU-View

Authorized users are persons granted permission by the student to access student information stored in WU-View. Additionally, the Business Office accepts authorization as the written permission required by FERPA to speak to persons other than student about the student’s account.

Authorized users have the ability to make online payments and set up payment plans on behalf of the student.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log in to WU-View through MyWashburn (on the Financial Services tab)
  2. Under "My Account", select the “Authorized Users” tab
  3. Click on "Add Authorized User"
  4. Enter the email address to be used for sending notifications to the authorized user. A valid email address is required to set up an authorized user.
  5. The student has a choice about what information the authorized user will be able to see in WU-View. Select the appropriate radio buttons and click on "Continue".
  6. Review the "Agreement to Add Authorized User" and check the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  7. If the information is correct, print for your records and click on "Continue" to complete the process
  8. The authorized user will receive an email with login information and a password.

Although it is a poor idea for security reasons, students will sometimes give their personal login information to a parent so that s/he can view student information. Please know that this does NOT establish the parent as an authorized user.