WU-View Online Portal

WU-View Online Portal

WU-View is Washburn University’s online payment portal, available 24/7/365 (except for scheduled maintenance and upgrades) from anywhere in the world. 

Accessing WU-View

In order to access WU-View, our online payment system, a student must first activate his/her MyWashburn account.  If you are already able to sign into MyWashburn, your account has been activated.  If you have not activated your MyWashburn account and need assistance, contact the Student One Stop at sos@washburn.edu or call 785-670-2162.  Once activated, a student must sign into MyWashburn, click on the Financial Services tab, and then click on the blue WU-View button in order to access our online payment system.  Students can also click on the "Current Students" button below to be redirected to MyWashburn.

Current Students WU-View Login        Everyone Else WU-View Login           

  • "Current Students" includes any person who has enrolled in a class within the past two years. 
  • "Everyone Else" includes authorized users and former students (away for more than two years) who no longer have MyWashburn access. 
    • Authorized users are assigned a temporary password when the student requests their access in WU-View using a valid email address. If the password link is not working, it could indicate the authorized user's mailbox is automatically disabling links. 
    • Former student login requires the Washburn ID and assigned PIN (please be sure to capitalize the "W"). A PIN can be obtained by contacting the Business Office at business-office@washburn.edu or by calling 785-670-2033.

Once activated, in WU-View you can:

View Current Account Status

  • From the home page, click on "View Activity" and select the term you wish to view.  For more detail, expand the information by clicking on the arrow keys for each line of activity. You can also view and print by term for a record of all charges and payments to your account, or download into an Excel file.  Another way to access current activity is by going to "My Account" then "Current Activity". 

View eBills

  • Electronic bills (also called eBills or eStatements) are periodically generated and available for viewing and/or printing. Go to "My Account" then "Statements" and select the statement you wish to view.

Make Payments

  • Electronic payments can be made from a bank account (webcheck or signature debit card bearing a Visa or Mastercard logo) or a credit card. View the Credit Card Policy for more information regarding online payments.  Click on the "Make Payment" menu for available payment options.

Enroll in a Payment Plan

  • A term-based payment plan allows term charges to be spread out over three or four payments (two or three in Summer), as well an option for setting up automatic payments from a bank account (webcheck or signature debit card) or credit card (convenience fees will apply).  Go to the Payment Plans menu to see all plans currently available.

Set up Direct Deposit

  • Refunds to the student account can be automatically deposited to a bank account, avoiding the need to stand in a line to pick up a check.  From the home page, go to the "Electronic Refunds" link on the right to set up an account for direct deposit.

Authorize others to view your account

  • Students can grant permission for parents and others to view their account information, set up payment plans on behalf of the student, and pay the student’s bill. The Business Office uses this authorization to satisfy the FERPA requirement for student permission to discuss account questions with persons other than the student. From the home page, go to the "Authorized Users" link on the right to set up or remove an authorized user.

Save Payment Information

  • Students and Authorized Users can save payment information for ease of later use. From the home page, go to the "Payment Profile" link on the right to set up or remove a saved payment method.

Add Notifications

  • Students and Authorized Users can set up additional email addresses for notifications from our system.  From the home page, go to the "Notifications" link on the right to set up or remove a notifications email.  For students, the Washburn email address is the primary email.  For authorized users, the email address used to set up your account is the primary email as well as the user ID.  Authorized users cannot sign in using added notification email addresses.