Setting Up Direct Deposit in WU-View

  • Log in to WU-View through MyWashburn (on the Financial Services tab)
  • In WU-View, select the “eRefunds” tab
  • Click on "Set Up Account"
  • Under Account Type, choose Checking or Savings from the drop down list
  • Enter all required information for the bank account and your billing address
  • Include a name for the account, e.g., "My Checking" and click on "Save"
  • Read the terms and conditions, and review your personal information; print for your records
  • If the information is correct, click on "Continue" to complete the process
  • Your direct deposit refund account should now be listed,

 Some Cautions:

  • When entering banking information be certain to use the correct 9-digit routing number and your account number.
  • Double-check all numbers to be certain they are correct. Incorrect information will cause the deposit to be rejected.
  • DO NOT USE the account number shown on a debit card as your account number. Although your debit card is tied to a bank account, your bank uses a different number for direct deposits. Using the account number on a debit card will cause your deposit to be rejected.
  • If using a savings account for a direct deposit, please check with your bank for the appropriate account number.
  • If a direct deposit is rejected, a check will be generated to replace the deposit only after the University’s bank has notified the Business Office that the deposit was rejected.
  • If a direct deposit is rejected, the Business Office will remove the direct deposit account from the student's profile in WU-View to prevent further rejections. After the direct deposit account is removed, a new direct deposit account may be set up in WU-View.