Business Office

Emergency Student Loans

Emergency loans are available to students who experience an emergency and have a temporary need for funds. An emergency is defined as an unexpected need that could not have been reasonably foreseen. If you take an emergency loan you must be able to repay it from personal funds within 30 days.

An Emergency Loan must be applied for in person at the Business Office, subject to the guidelines below:

  1. You must have a Washburn University GPA of at least 2.0.
  2. You must not have ever defaulted on a previous emergency loan.
  3. You must not have already been granted an emergency loan for the current academic term.
  4. Emergency loans are available only when classes are in session. They will not be given between terms.
  5. Emergency loans will not be granted to pay charges due to Washburn University.
  6. The emergency loan request must be for an emergency, as defined above. Rent, for example, is not an emergency.
  7. The Business Office reserves the right to require documentation substantiating the nature of the emergency.

Emergency loans are due and payable in full within 30 days of the date granted. Emergency loans not fully repaid by the due date will result in a $25 late fee and a hold being placed on the student account.

Payments returned for insufficient funds are subject to a $30 service charge, in addition to the late fee and hold on the student account.

Law Students should apply in person at the Law School. Some of the terms may slightly differ from those stated above.