Washburn students and constituents honor veterans during an event on campus.

Business Office

Information for Military Students

The Washburn University Business Office works closely with the Washburn University Diversity and Inclusion Office to provide support for military students and their families. In addition, the Center for Student Success office of Military Student Success provides information and services for veterans and active duty miliary students. In the Business Office, we work with these areas to make sure students military funds are recorded appropriately to pay account balances. There are a number of ways for students to use military benefits to pay for their education, including but not limited to the options below.  A more comprehensive list is available at the Education Benefits link on the Military Student Success website.

Chapter 33 (Post 911) VA Benefits

  • The Diversity and Inclusion office provides the Business Office with information on when a student is certified, the total tuition and fees certified, and the number of hours included in the certification.
  • The length of time between certification and payment from the VA can range from two weeks to several weeks. Students awaiting payment should take steps to protect their account from late fees or holds if they anticipate payment will arrive after the University’s published payment deadline (see the "Military Payment Plan and Book Deferments" section).
  • Students receiving Chapter 33 benefits will see the tuition and fees paid to the student account only after the University receives notice of payment from the VA. Any charges paid previously with grants or student loans will then be refunded to the student according to the University’s refunding schedule.


  • Eligible students (active Army, National Guard, Army Reserve) must complete an application online at http://www.goarmyed.com/ prior to the beginning of classes for the term.
  • School codes:

Washburn University of Topeka:  WUO01

Washburn Institute of Technology:  KAT

  • Because Washburn and Washburn Tech are Non-LOI schools, the student is required to submit information regarding hours, courses, course costs and fees at the time of application. It is important that the information is accurate due to restrictions for invoicing through GoArmyEd. To assist students in obtaining the correct information, the Washburn University Business Office will provide a detailed outline of charges upon request.
  • A change in the student’s schedule from the approved authorization may result in a reduction of benefits and a delay in invoicing affected charges to GoArmyEd.

Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance Program (Fall and Spring only)

  • Eligible students (Air National Guard, Army National Guard) must complete an online application from the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR).  All applications are submitted directly to KBOR and will include an application fee of $12.  The priority date to apply is May 1 for the following Fall and Spring terms, but all online applications must be submitted to KBOR no later than their published deadlines for Fall and Spring.
  • Students must complete the form and obtain the signature of the commander.  KBOR suggests students check their online KNG Educational Assistance Program account to make sure the complete application was received.
  • KBOR advises the University when the application process is complete, and at that point the University will enroll the student in a Military Payment Plan (MPP) in order to prevent late fees or holds from being applied.
  • Grants, loans or scholarships disbursed to the student account will apply to the account balance in the order they are applied.  When the KNG award is received (usually November for the Fall term and April for the Spring term), a refund will generate if the balance is zero or below the amount of the KNG award.  At that time, the setup fee for the MPP will be reversed for students whose balance is cleared by the KNG award.
  • Students whose balances are not cleared by the KNG award must pay the remaining balance by the single installment date in the MPP (December 1 for Fall and May 1 for Spring).  The $30 setup fee for the MPP will not be reversed for these students.
  • IMPORTANT:  The program does not pay for courses that are dropped or retaken, or any courses from the Summer term.

Military Payment Plan and Book Deferments

  • Because students awaiting tuition assistance or VA benefits may experience delays in payment that extend beyond the University’s normal payment schedule, a payment plan is available for our military students.
  • The Military Payment Plan (MPP) will protect the student’s account from late fees or holds connected with charges due for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and housing up until the due date. The single payment date in the MPP is on the first business day of the last month of each term. Balances not paid by that date will be subject to a late payment fee.
  • Students enrolled in the MPP may use the plan to charge books at the Ichabod Shop (bookstore). An authorization card signed by the Business Office and brought to the Ichabod Shop by the student is required.
  • A $30.00 setup fee is charged for enrolling in the plan ($20.00 for the Summer term). The fee is part of the total balance due and is not required to be paid at the time of enrollment in the plan.
  • If a student is enrolled in the plan and the University receives 100% of the charges on the student account from the VA or other tuition assistance programs, the setup fee is reversed at the time payment is received. 
  • Military Payment Plans are not available to all students and cannot be set up in WU-View.  Please contact the Washburn University Business Office for assistance or send an email to business-office@washburn.edu.

Financial Aid for Military Students

  • The Financial Aid Office has a full-time financial literacy specialist available for students wanting details regarding financial aid options.  Details may include information about federal loans and grants, as well as private loans and scholarships.
  • The staff of the Financial Aid Office can also answer questions about loan options, origination fees, etc.
  • Information about the various types of aid is available at this link:  Paying for College
  • The Washburn University student loan Cohort Default Rate (CDR) for FY14 was 12.5%, and the national average was 11.5% (the most recent figures available).