Ichabod Financial Counseling $ervices

Ichabod Financial Counseling $ervices

Mission Statement

Ichabod Financial Counseling $ervices (IFC$) is committed to assisting Washburn University students in developing and realizing their financial intellectual capabilities by empowering them to analyze their personal finances, to develop and maintain a personal budget, and to control their financial situation in order to be fiscally responsible citizens.

MyMoney Five Principles

Ichabod Financial Counseling $ervices (IFC$) focuses on teaching the MyMoney Five Principles:

  1. Spend – Developing and maintaining a monthly budget.
  2. Earn – Knowing what cash you have coming to you and understanding your pay and benefits.
  3. Save & Invest – Developing the habit of saving regularly for short-term or long-term goals.
  4. Protect –Protecting yourself against identify thief and preparing yourself for financial emergencies.
  5. Borrow – Developing awareness of borrowing and repayment habits

We also provide free financial presentations to students and student organizations. Contact us to schedule presentations for your classroom or student organization.