A Washburn student works on his laptop in Stoffer Science Hall.

Business Office

Billing of Student Accounts

Washburn and Washburn Tech Billing

The Washburn University Business Office typically assesses charges to student accounts between three and four weeks prior to the start of the term.  Our office also prepares billing statements for all students with outstanding balances in the term.  Two types of statements are prepared:

  • Paper statements are sent to the student's permanent addresses prior to the start of the Fall and Spring terms only.  Paper statements are a snapshot of student accounts and are prepared before any financial aid is applied. Statements will be mailed during the first two weeks of August and January.  Students that enroll after paper statements are prepared will not receive one. Statements serve as a reminder of the student's enrollment and financial obligation to the University.  Students who wish to cancel enrollment for the semester must contact enrollment@washburn.edu before the term begins or the student will be liable for charges. Students are encouraged to check their WU-View account under current activity (select the current term) to view financial aid releases and any additional charges, such as books or supplies.
  • eStatements (or eBills) are sent via Washburn email during the last week of each month to all students with an outstanding balance in a term, regardless of whether the student has enrolled in a payment plan.  These bills are generated through WU-View, the online payment system, and are sent to the student's Washburn email address.  If students add alternate email addresses and authorized users, eStatements will also be sent via email to those addresses. eStatements are a snapshot of the balance on a student account as of the date they are prepared. Students are encouraged to log in to WU-View to review current account balances and see copies of all eStatements.