BBA Degree with Emphasis General Business

The major in general business allows you the flexibility to design a 24 hour upper-division program using courses from several or all major areas in the School of Business based on your own interests and needs.

Learning objectives for the General Business concentration:

  • Apply quantitative and qualitative analysis and critical thinking to business problems
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the application of ethical concepts to business issues
  • Apply technology to the solution of diverse business issues and problems
  • Explain the relationships among the functional areas of business
  • Explain the impact of diversity on organizations

Students must complete 124 hours to earn a bachelor of business administration degree. Out of those 124 hours a minimum of 53 hours of general education courses, 8 hours of general elective credit, 39 hours of business core requirements and 24 additional upper division business courses must be completed. For more details please check out our Model Program Guide where you can find information about our model course sequences, worksheets, and graduation requirements.

Freshmen and students new to the School of Business should visit with Stacy Woltje initially for help in determining their degree track.  Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors may choose a faculty member advisor.  

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