BBA Degree with Emphasis in International Business

The International Business concentration is designed to equip graduates with skills suitable for employment at international and global enterprises. A student would understand advantages and challenges of doing business globally, understand different cultures and be able to per­form business tasks in a different cultural and professional environment.

Learning objectives for the International Business concentration:

Upon completion of the concentration in internation­al business, students will be able to do the following:

  • Critically assess costs and benefits of doing busi­ness internationally;
  • Demonstrate familiarity with international busi­ness practices and select strategies suitable for firms entering and operating in global markets
  • Assess the impact of international business activi­ties on functional departments within a firm;
  • Identify risks associated with global operations and strategies for managing those risks;
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage cultural and ethical challenges related to international business;
  • Apply multicultural constructs to business tasks.

The following courses are required for the Interna­tional Business concentration:

  • BU356 Cross-Cultural Management
  • BU368 International Marketing
  • BU457 Multinational Enterprise Practices
  • EC410 International Economics or BU477 International Finance
  • Twelve additional upper-division elective hours in ac­counting, business, or economics
  • One of the following:
    • BU406 International Business and Entrepreneurship Experience *
    • At least three credit hours earned through a university-approved study abroad or an international internship *
    • Six credit hours of course work in one of the modern foreign languages at the intermediate level or above

* Credits earned may be counted to fulfill the twelve additional upper-division elective hours in accounting, business, or economics requirement.  However, that courses taken to fulfill the requirements of the International Business concentration cannot be used to simultaneously meet the Global Dynamics Requirement (GDR) for the BBA degree. Therefore, a student seeking a BBA degree with a concentration in International Business will have to take the total of five courses with international content. While most students will use BU 355 to meet the GDR, students who have already met the GDR by taking EC 410 or BU 477 will be required to take either the other course or BU 355.

Freshman and students new to the School of Business should visit with Stacy Woltje initially for help in determining their degree track.  Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors may choose a faculty member advisor.  

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