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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The CLEP scores listed are for exams taken through computer-based testing (CBT) only. Contact Academic Advising regarding scores for exams taken before July 2001. Washburn awards the following credit for CLEP (through computer-based testing) exams:

Subject Score Award Hours Grade General Education
Am Government 50+

PO 106

3 Credit GESS
Am Literature

No equivalent course

Analyzing Literature 50+

EN 135

3 Credit GEHU
Biology 50+

BI 100 AND

Credit GENS
Calculus No equivalent course
Chemistry 50-59 CH 101 3 Credit GENS
Chemistry 60+ CH 121 OR
CH 151
5 Credit GENS
College Algebra 50+ MA 116 3 Credit Core Mathematics
College Composition No equivalent course
College Composition Modular No equivalent course
College Mathematics 50+ MA 1XX 3 Credit GENS
50+ EC 201 3 Credit GESS
50+ EC 200 3 Credit GESS
English Literature No equivalent course
Financial Accounting No equivalent course
French 50-58 FR 101 4 Credit
French 59+ FR 101 AND
FR 102
8 Credit GEHU (FR 102)^
German 50-59 GE 101 4 Credit
German 60+ GE 101 AND
GE 102
8 Credit GEHU (GE 102)^
Human Growth/Development 50+ PY 209 3 Credit
Humanities 50+ HU 1XX 3 Credit GEHU
Info Systems 50+ CM 1XX  Credit
Intro Business Law No equivalent course
Intro Educational Psychology No equivalent course
Introductory Psychology 50+ PY 100 3 Credit GESS
Intro Sociology 50+ SO 100 3 Credit GESS
Natural Sciences 50+ NS 1XX 3 Credit GENS
Precalculus 50+ NS 1XX 3 Credit GENS
Principles of Management No equivalent course
Principles of Marketing No equivalent course
Soc Sci and History 50+ SS 1XX 3 Credit GESS
Spanish 50-62 SP 101 4 Credit
Spanish 63+ SP 101 and SP 102 8 Credit GEHU (SP 102)^
US History I 50+ HI 111 3 Credit GESS
US History II 50+ HI 112 3 Credit GESS
Western Civ I No equivalent course
Western Civ II No equivalent course

^FL 102 (FR, GE, SP) can count as humanities general education except for the Bachelor of Arts

Updated 22 January 2019

Schedule a CLEP Exam

Contact the Center for Prior Learning and Testing, Mabee Library, Room 218, 785.670.1227

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