Residential Living at Washburn offers several Learning Community options in partnership with other university programs.  Whether academic, co-curricular, or otherwise each program is designed to offer a unique Washburn experience.  Each learning community can host approximately 50 students in each hall. 

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1. Exploratory (LLC, 1st South)

2. Global Citizenship & Diversity (LLC, 2nd South)

3. Honors (Lincoln, 3rd West)

4. Leadership (LLC, 3rd South)

College is an adventure! This community allows students to explore academic options, career opportunities, and campus resources at Washburn in a fun, creative way. Through campus involvement, students will discover how individual passions relate to different majors and career choices.

The Exploratory Learning Community (ELC) is looking for students committed to exploring their academic and career options. If you have no clue what you want to major in or you’re just not sure about your current major, this community is for you!

  • Located in the Living Learning Center, 1st South
  • Open to first & second year students only
  • Includes designated WU101 sections
Learning Opportunities:

Being a part of the ELC will help a student:

  1. Identify appropriate academic majors in relation to their personal characteristics
  2. Formulate an action plan for their academic and career path
  3. Identify and utilize campus resources that can aid in their exploration and success

The Global Citizenship & Diversity Learning Community (GCDLC) is an opportunity for students to discover and learn more about a variety of cultures, and engage in thoughtful conversations centered around current events and the effects of a globalized community.  This community will focus on building relationships across cultures through shared experiences and the exploration of diverse cultural perspectives.  Residential Living is excited to partner with International Programs to offer the GCD Learning Community.

  • Located in Living Learning Center, 2nd South
  • Open to all students
  • Live with students from many different countries and cultures
Learning Opportunities:

As a part of the GCDLC, we hope students will:

  • Engage in critical conversation through programs that regularly feature different countries, and coffee talks that explore critical issues from different cultural lenses
  • Embark on excursions that will explore exciting cultural festivals; local international markets; and iconic cultural sites around the area
  • Recognize individual and cultural differences and demonstrate an ability to communicate and interact effectively and respectfully across cultures
  • Use knowledge, diverse cultural frames of reference, and alternate perspectives to think critically and solve problems
  • Develop attitudes of empathy, solidarity, and respect for differences and diversity

The Honors Learning Community (HLC) is an opportunity for students to live and interact with other students focused on scholarship and academics. It will explore the development of study skills, time management, and scholarship through programming and faculty interaction. The community works with the Washburn Honors Program to provide quality scholastic opportunities for all students choosing to participate in this community.

  • Located in Lincoln Hall, 3rd West
  • 3.25 minimum GPA requirement
Learning Opportunities:

As a part of the HLC, students may:

  • Grow as critical thinkers and creative problem solvers
  • Participate in regular group study sessions scheduled throughout the week and focus on academics
  • Improve academic skills for studying, note-taking, test-taking, and other time-management tips
  • Engage easily with Honors Program faculty and staff


Phone: (785) 670-1342

The Leadership Learning Community presents students at Washburn University the opportunity to explore leadership development and concepts both in and outside of the classroom. Students in the Learning Community will live with peers who share an interest in leadership development in order to foster a community of learners within the residence halls and to connect students with similar interests.  Participants will have an academic requirement in the fall semester, and will be responsible for attending various co-curricular events in both the fall and spring semester. The Learning Community Fellow will serve as a peer-mentor to Learning Community students and will monitor academic progress and co-curricular involvement throughout the year.

  • Located in the Living Learning Center, 3rd South
  • Open to first year students


  • Enroll in the LE100 (designated section) during the fall semester
  • Attend the Leadership Institute's Fall and Spring Orientations
  • Attend at least 2 additional leadership development opportunities each semester.  May include: Leadership Labs, Leadership Exchange, volunteering for the Leadership Challenge Event, guest speakers/lectures related to Leadership, PALS events, etc
  • Meet one-on-one with the Learning Community RA/Fellow once a semester
Learning Opportunities

Students enrolled in the Leadership Learning Community will:

  • Be mentored by an upper-class leadership student designated as the Learning Community (LC) Resident Assistant, who offers both academic and social support
  • Engage with Leadership Institute faculty and staff, both in the classroom and at co-curricular programs and events
  • Participate in social and educational opportunities related to leadership development
  • Engage with Leadership Institute faculty and staff


The Leadership Institute utilizes the Social Change Model of Leadership in the development of curricular and co-curricular programs.  Therefore, the hall programming a part of the Leadership Learning Community will also be developed utilizing this framework.  Within the Social Change Model of Leadership, “a leader is one who is able to effect positive change for the betterment of others, the community and society(HERI, 1996, p. 16).  As the figure below exhibits, this change is an outcome of development in the areas of Group Values (collaboration, common purpose and controversy with civility), Individual Values (consciousness of self, congruence and commitment), and Society/Community Values which includes citizenship.  These values will be emphasized throughout one’s involvement in the Leadership LC.

(Adapted from Higher Education Research Institute, A Social Change Model of Leadership Development Guidebook, Version III, 1991, p. 21)

To learn more about the Washburn University Leadership Institute, visit
Call: (785) 670-2000

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