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Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning

Mary Menninger-Corder

2017-2018 Certificate Events

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  • Self-Care Workshop (9/5/2017)
  • Teaching Slam (9/13/2017)
  • A Buffet of Effective Teaching: Using Bloom’s and Depth of Knowledge to Improve Your Teaching (10/19/2017)
  • Contract Grading (11/6/2017)
  • Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) Faculty Luncheon (1/22/2018)
  • Giving Students Feedback in Online Courses (1/24/2018)
  • Assessment Extravaganza (2/8/2018)
  • Excellence in Teaching: What Our Students Say (3/27/2018)
  • Technology Lunch & Learn (3/29/2018)
  • Teaching with your Strengths - Day 2 (4/11/2018)

Webinars on Own:

  • How do I design innovative assignments to foster learning in the online classroom?  (6/20/2017)
  • What are the best strategies for enhancing online discussions?  (6/20/2017)
  • How do I create a lively yet functional, online classroom?  (6/20/2017)
  • How do Mini Lectures Improve Student Engagement? (6/11/2017)
  • What do Modern Learners Expect from their Instructors?(6/11/2017)
  • How Do I Create the Ideal learning Environment for Modern Learners?(6/11/2017)
  • How Can I Get Students to Take Responsibility for their own Learning? (6/11/2017)
  • How Do I Promote Civil and Thoughtful Engagement in the Classroom? (6/11/2017)
  • What are the Secrets to Providing Highly Effective Feedback to Students? (6/11/2017)
  • How Can I Add Interactivity to My Online Content? (6/11/2017)
  • How Can I Help students See that SWEAT – Working Hard and Smart – Is the Key to Their Success? (6/11/2017)
  • How do I Release my Student’s Natural Zest and Curiosity for Better Learning? (6/11/2017)


  • Megan Phelps-Roper - The Importance of Civil Dialogue in the Classroom (2/5/2018)

Teaching Circles:

  • Deep Work - Day 1 (2/7/2018)
  • Deep Work - Day 2 (2/14/2017)
  • Deep Work - Day 3 (2/21/2018)


  • Wednesday Webinar: How Can I Build Community in My Online Classes? (2/21/2018)
  • Adding Action to Your Online Course: Outside-The-Box Techniques to Increase Student Engagement from a Distance (3/6/2018)
  • Wednesday Webinar: How Do I Create Social Presence in My Online Class? (3/14/2018)
  • Creating and Embedding Interactive Content in Online Courses (3/27/2018)


  • Celebration of Teaching (5/1/2018)

2016-2017 Certificate Events

networking badgeworkshop badgewebinar badgewebinar badgespeaker badgeworkshop badgewebinar badgeteaching matters badgenetworking badgeteaching matters badgeworkshop badgeteaching matters badgewebinar badgeteaching matters badgeteaching matters badge


  • The Engaged Campus: Key Models for Powerful Teaching, Learning and Research (1/30/2017)


  • Programs to Improve Your Online Instruction (8/31/2016)
  • What Does a “High Impact” Course Look Like, Anyway? (1/31/2017)
  • Degree Works Phase 2 (3/2/2017)


  • How Can I Reduce Student Apathy and Increase Motivation? (9/28/2016)
  • What Do Students Want in Online Courses? (10/5/2016)
  • How Can I Communicate to Engage Students and Encourage Learning? (2/1/2017)
  • What Activities and Assignments Promote Critical Thinking? (3/8/2017)

Teaching Matters:

  • Creative Course Condensing - Day 2 (2/6/2017)
  • Creative Course Condensing - Day 3 (2/20/2017)
  • Creative Course Condensing - Day 4 (3/6/2017)
  • Creative Course Condensing - Day 5 (3/27/2017)
  • Creative Course Condensing - Day 6 (4/24/2017)


  • Morning Open House (8/25/2016)
  • Assessment Extravaganza (2/9/2017)

2014-2015 Certificate Events

webinar badgeworkshop badgewebinar badgeworkshop badgespeaker badgewebinar badgenetworking badgeworkshop badgewebinar badgenetworking badge


  • Faculty Dinner Teaching Tales (11/19/2014)
  • Celebration of Teaching Excellence (4/17/2015)


  • Assessment Extravaganza (10/3/2014)
  • Assessing High Impact Community Engagement Practices (11/6/2014)
  • Facilitating Communication with Video Conferencing (11/20/2014)


  • Five Tips for Writing Learning Outcomes (10/1/2014)
  • Is Service Learning Right For My Class? (11/5/2014)
  • Service Learning Course Design (11/19/2014)
  • How to Make Exams More about Learning and Less About Grades? (12/3/2014)


  • An Overview of High Impact Community Engagement Practices (11/6/2014)


Center for Teaching Excellence & Learning
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1700 SW College Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621

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