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Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) 2017 Faculty Survey Results

The Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) Faculty Survey was administered to faculty Spring 2017.  The final report is available for review.

During Fall 2018, a working group was convened to review the findings for full-time faculty. The results from the working group are posted.

Below are the key findings from the working group, organized by the survey's themes:

  • Themes A, B, C (Teaching, Scholarship, Service) - A high percentage of faculty rated all of these professional practices to be essential/very important (99.5%, 69.3%, 80.3%, respectively).
  • Theme D (Institutional Support and Resources) - The results indicated that Washburn University supports faculty development adequately and at higher levels than the comparison group institutions.
  • Theme E (Goals for Undergraduate Education) - Washburn faculty hold beliefs that it is essential/very important to prepare students for employment after college.
  • Theme F (Diversity) - Washburn faculty agreed strongly/agreed somewhat (96.0%) that a racially/ethnically diverse student body enhances the educational experience of all students.
  • Theme G (Satisfaction) - When asked if they were to begin their career again, would they still want to come to this institution, 84.5% of Washburn faculty responded definitely yes/probably yes, and this was significantly higher than the comparion institutions.
  • Theme H (Institutional Priorities) - Faculty report it is the highest priority/high priority of the university to facilitate student involvement in community service. Similarly, Washburn faculty report it is a priority to provide resources for faculty to engage in community-based teaching or research.
  • Theme I (Interaction with Students) - Washburn faculty more frequently advise student groups involved in service or volunteer work than comparison group institutions (64.4% vs. 57.2% and 58.0%, respectively).
  • Theme J (Habits of Mind) - A large percentage of Washburn faculty report encouraging the use of asking questions in class (98.3%), analyzing multiple sources of information before coming to a conclusion (94.0%), and evaluating the quality or reliability of information they receive (96.7%).
  • Theme K (Health and Wellness) - Faculty at Washburn, both men and women, tend either to be equal or slightly better than the comparison group institutions related to reported overall health and wellness.
  • Theme L (Relationship with Administration) - Washburn faculty were slightly higher in agreement than the comparison group institutions in regard to administrators considerating faculty concerns when making policy.

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