Personal Health Coaching

Health coaching is available for any participant looking to make lifestyle improvements regarding nutrition, exercise, and/or stress management. These sessions aid the participant in developing a fundamental understanding of general health concepts, goal setting, and creating personal nutrition and exercise plans. An expanded health record, update to biometric/body composition values, and nutritional assessments may be used in addition to general discussion. 

Group Health Coaching

Group health coaching classes are an ideal way to learn the fundamentals of healthy lifestyle choices, track progress over a longer period of time, and establish the support of other participants in the program. The discussion-driven classes present a specific health topic each week and provide health coaching benefits in a fun, relaxed social setting. Start dates will be scheduled throughout the year.

Lifestyle Concepts in Health and Wellness online class (TBA)

To compliment in-person health coaching options, a self-paced online class is offered through D2L to provide in-depth educational content, a convenient tracking platform for health goals, and additional resources. Nutrition, exercise, stress management, nutritional supplementation and many other topics are explored. Throughout the program, participants will formulate personal goals, track lifestyle choices, and create personal plans for nutrition and fitness. This option may be started at any time (not yet available).

Fitness Assessments

Fitness assessments are available for individuals interested in improving specific fitness parameters. Cardiorespiratory testing, movement assessments, and strength evaluations may all be used. An exercise program or recommendations may also be offered based on results and personal fitness goals.

Lunch and Learns

Presentations and discussions can be requested for specific topics by your office or department. Themes may include, but aren’t limited to, general wellness, preventative health, nutrition and fitness, meditation, stress management, seasonal wellness, or chronic conditions.

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