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University key policy

University key policy

All keys issued from the office of Facilities Services are the property of the Facilities Services Department.  Keys are on loan to employees for the purpose of performing job duties while maintaining the safety and security of campus facilities.  At the end of employment or upon request, keys must be returned to Facilities Services; unreturned keys shall be considered lost and a fee of $12.00 per key will be incurred.  Passing keys to other employees is prohibited.  All defective or outdated keys should be returned to Facilities Services.

The University attempts to distribute and control its keys in a centralized manner.  The Facilities Services Key Coordinator issues keys only upon receiving a valid Key Authorization Card which has been correctly filled out and signed by the hiring Head of Department.  Only keys listed on this request form will be issued; additions to the request form must be made by phone or email to the Key Coordinator, from either the hiring Head of Department or authorized department secretary.  The completed original Key Authorization Card shall be kept on file at the Facilities Services office.  Additional Key Authorization Cards may be obtained from the Facilities Services office.

Persons leaving the employment of the University shall return all university keys to the Facilities Services office before receiving his/her final salary check.  The Key Coordinator shall document returned keys on the Key Authorization Card.  Each key is identifiable as issued to a distinct individual; upon receipt of a key, the Key Coordinator marks the key returned based upon the stamp of the key, rather than who returned the key.  It is the responsibility of each individual, to safe-guard the exact key issued to them by the Key Coordinator, and to return that exact key at the end of their employment.

Persons on leave of absence shall return their keys before leave commences.  Part-time personnel shall return their keys at the end of their assignment.  Students shall return their keys at the end of each semester.  Persons leaving for vacation or sabbatical may turn in their keys at the Facilities Services office for safekeeping. 

University keys issued by the Key Coordinator must be returned to the Facilities Services office when instructed by the employed department or at commencement time.  Any student with outstanding keys shall be placed on key hold (i.e. students will be unable to enroll in classes or get transcripts while on key hold).  Key holds will not be released until keys are returned to, or a fine of $12.00 per key is paid at the Facilities Services office.  To prevent key holds; keys must be returned to the Facilities Services office, not just returned to the department for which the employment is occurring.
At least once a year, the Key Coordinator shall conduct a key inventory to verify all University keys issued to each key holder (employee, faculty, staff or student).  The procedure for each yearly check shall be determined by the Facilities Services Director.  Key holders shall have 2-months to complete each yearly key check.  If after the 2-months, Facilities Services has not received the proper response, key holders will be presumed gone and/or keys lost and a fee of $12.00 per key will be charged to the respective department.
Records of desk and file cabinet keys are not maintained at Facilities Services; however keys may be obtained if available.  Inquiries concerning key availability may be directed towards the Facilities Services Key Coordinator, (785) 670-1549 or towards the Inventory Control Manager at Business Services, (785) 670-2313.

Key Coordinator Contact Information

For questions concerning Key Authorization Cards, student key holds or other key and lock concerns; please contact the Key Coordinator by phone (785) 670-1549 or email.

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