The Day of Transformation is a chance for students to present their completed WTE project to the public (students, faculty, guests).  You have accomplished an amazing thing.  Share it with others and inspire them!!!  Invite your friends and family!!!

Students from any of the four (4) WTE areas are welcome to present at the Day of Transformation.

All presentations at the Day of Transformation will be poster presentations.  Due to space limitations, oral presentation are not possible.  I am sure your faculty mentor can provide you with an example of a poster from which you can work.

Student presenters and their faculty mentors will be provided a free lunch prior to the poster presentations.  Following that, we ask students to present their posters for a period of 1.5 hours.

Information about the Fall 2020 Day of Transformation: 

  • Due to concerns related to COVID-19, the Fall 2020 Day of Transformation will not be held.
  • Students and facutly mentors should contact the approrpiate WTE Area Director to obtain information about the public presentation requirement of the WTE.

Click here to register for the Fall 2020 Day of Transformation.

Need money to cover the cost of printing your poster?  No problem.  You need only complete the brief application (see link below).

  • Posters must be printed at UMAPS (University Mailing and Printing Services; Memorial Union - Ichabod Service Center).  Posters must be submitted to UMAPS at least one (1) week prior to the event in order to ensure they are printed in time.
  • Maximum poster award amount is $85.  Most posters cost about $65.
  • Students can receive poster money for every WTE project they complete.  Complete 4 WTEs, get money for 4 different WTE posters.
  • Poster money can be used for on- and off-campus events (e.g., Day of Transformation, Apeiron, off-campus conferences).

Click here to download the WTE Poster Grant Application (Word form document).

Previous Day of Transformation Programs

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