The Leadership Challenge Event™ (LCE™) is an annual event hosted by the Washburn University Leadership Institute. It is a unique inter-scholastic as well as inter-collegiate leadership competition which provides high school and college students an opportunity to participate in an organized competition that simulates real-life experiences. The LCE™ challenges students to address a variety of problems and situations where the outcome of the simulation is dependent on the leadership decisions made throughout the course of the competition.

The LCE™ simulates the real-world process of leadership through the two-day event, consisting of a live, interactive leadership simulation. Student teams will compete to fulfill the challenges and overcome the obstacles placed before them in a manner that demonstrates exemplary leadership knowledge and execution.

The Washburn University Leadership Institute espouses the belief that leadership is not a position, but rather a process. The Leadership Challenge Event™ encourages leadership development by offering participants education, hands-on experience, and recognition in a competitive environment. It honors intellectual achievement and practical experience in leadership while building camaraderie and networks between competitors. 

LCE™ Objectives:

  • To showcase future leaders within and outside Kansas by acknowledging a solid knowledge and use of leadership skills during the course of the   competition
  • To offer intellectual and practical leadership development in a unique forum in the form of a one day competition
  • To provide a rewarding experience for all participants (students, advisors and community participants)
  • To enhance networking opportunities for participants with peers from around the country as well as professionals and leaders in the Topeka community
  • To provide the city of Topeka and the surrounding area with additional opportunities for community advertising and promotion, sponsorship and partnering opportunities, as well as additional business and commerce from conference participants, sponsors and outside volunteers 

The 9th Annual Leadership Challenge Event™ was held on February 18-March 1, 2019. Help us celebrate the 10th LCE™ on March 5-6, 2020!

2019 LCE™ Winners

High School Division:  

Champion - Shawnee Heights High School

2nd Place - Northeast Magnet High School #1

3rd Place - Wichita High School East #2

Emerging Leader Award - Baldwin High School

Transformation Award - Wichita Northwest High School #1

Collaboration Award - Baldwin High School

Communication Award - Northeast Magnet High School #1


College Division:

Champion - University of Nebraska-Lincoln #2

2nd Place - Universtity of Nebraska-Lincoln #1

3rd Place - Midland University

Emerging Leader Award - Midland University

Transformation Award - Cottey College

Collaboration Award - Southwestern College

Communication Award - University of Nebraska-Lincoln #1

Join us for the 2020 Leadership Challenge Event™

Volunteer registration will open October 1, 2019 for community and campus partners and November 14, 2019 for Washburn University student volunteers.

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