MBA Courses

The MBA curriculum is designed to provide you with the tools, skills and knowledge that you will use every day of your professional life.

BU 522 Quantitative Methods I (3) – Linear algebra, calculus, spreadsheet use, and compound interest. Prerequisite: College Algebra.

BU 523 Quantitative Methods II (3) – Business statistics, data analysis, quality control statistics, computer statistics, computer-based. Prerequisite: BU 522 or equivalent.

AC 524 Accounting Concepts (3) – Accelerated and in-depth introduction to conceptual accounting foundations. Presents accounting as a dynamic information system for communicating and measuring use of financial data for planning and control purposes. Primary focus is to provide background for upper-level graduate courses. Prerequisite: College Algebra.

EC 525 Economic Environment (3) – The nature and scope of economics, the firm in a market economy, level of economic activity, international aspects, and policy alternatives.

BU 526 Survey of Finance (3) – The principles and concepts of corporate finance. The emphasis is on developing the ability to understand and analyze financial information as it relates to the timing, magnitude, and risk factor of cash flows. Topics include but are not limited to understanding financial statements, time value of money, capital structure, capital budgeting, dividend policy, and the risk versus return trade-off. Prerequisites: AC 524 or equivalent.

BU 527 Marketing Concepts (3) – The role and importance of marketing in our economy; principles, methods, and problems involved in the management of marketing operations and activities. Prerequisite: EC 525 or equivalent  or consent of instructor.

BU 528 Production and Operations Systems (3) – Management of the production/operations function in service, retailing and manufacturing. Discusses models for strategic, tactical, and operational decisions. Prerequisites: BU 523 or equivalent; BU 522 or equivalent  recommended or consent of instructor.

BU 529 Human Behavior in Organizations (3) – Aspects of individual and group behavior as they affect the business environment.

Admission Requirements: Students are expected to have fulfilled all or most of the foundation level requirements before taking upper-level courses.

BU 630 Entrepreneurship/Creativity (3) - Entrepreneurship as a way of thinking and acting applicable to new ventures in any organizational setting. Explores creativity and innovation as sources of entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurship as a manageable process that can be applied in the private and public sectors. Includes a mix of theory and practice applied to real world situations.

EC 652 Managerial Economics (3) – Management problems from an economic point of view. Focuses on the application of economic theory to day-to-day managerial decision making. Prerequisite: EC 525 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

AC 654 Management Accounting Analysis (3) – In-depth study of the uses of management accounting tools and their impact on the contemporary business organization. Includes evolution of cost and decision models and the management accounting function, as well as the application of fundamental methods. Emphasis is on case studies and research and the development of written and oral communication skills in a management accounting context. Prerequisites: AC524 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

BU 655 Financial Strategies (3) – Analytical skills in corporate financial management are developed. Topics include security valuation, capital budgeting, capital structure, options, dividends, mergers, and financial ratio analysis. Prerequisites: BU 526 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

BU 656 Computer-based Information Systems (3) – Computer-based systems for supporting management decisions. Prerequisites: BU 250 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

BU 657 Strategic Marketing Management (3) – An analytical approach to the marketing function of the firm. Development of competitive marketing strategy in a dynamic environment. Prerequisites: AC 524 or equivalent and BU 527 or equivalent, or consent of instructor

BU 658 Managerial Skills and Professional Experiences (3) – This course will be composed of two components. The first, Manager Skills, students will acquire a set of skills to manage the group and individual dynamics in organizations. The second, Professional Experiences will consist of local and regional CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, and middle managers presenting seminars addressing managerial issues they encounter in their professional lives. The emphasis of these seminars will be the legal and ethical responsibilities of organizations  Prerequisites: BU 529 or equivalent, or consent of instructor

BU 659 Strategic Analysis (3) – Study of approaches for defining, analyzing, and resolving complex strategic problems facing the profit and not-for-profit organization. This course should be taken during the last two semesters of the program and after completion of most of the upper-level required courses. Prerequisite: BU 655 and completion of a majority of upper level MBA courses. 

Elective in Global Business 1 (BU 674 or BU678) 

BU 616 Commercial Transactions (3) – Nature and sources of commercial law, legal process, common, and statutory law as they pertain to sales negotiable instruments, secured transactions, suretyship, insurance and bankruptcy. (Not available to those who have taken BU 416) Prerequisites: Admission to the MAcc Program and BU315

BU 630 Entrepreneurship and Creativity (3) – Entrepreneurship as a way of thinking and acting applicable to new ventures in any organizational setting.  Explores creativity and innovation as sources of entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurship as a manageable process that can be applied in the private and public sectors.  Includes a mix of theory and practice applied to real world situations.

BU 674 International Business (3) – The study of international business and the multinational corporation. The environment of international business is analyzed, including political and economic factors. Financial, marketing and human resource management in the international context is addressed. Prerequisite: Completion of foundation-level-level requirements or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

BU 678 International Marketing (3) – The economic, political, legal, and cultural environments that affect a firm’s international marketing program.  Methods, policies, and organization for marketing in various countries and cultures. Prerequisites: Admission to MBA Program and Consent.

BU 679 Investments (3) – Introduction to the theory of investment portfolio evaluation. Topics include: Bonds, Preferred Stock, Common Stock, Puts, Calls, and Mutual Funds. Prerequisite: Completion of foundation-level requirements or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

BU 683 Venture Creation (3) – Covers the entrepreneurial process from conception to implementation of a venture, while concentrating on attributes of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams, their search for and assessment of opportunities, and the gathering of resources to convert opportunities into businesses. Students will learn how to evaluate entrepreneurs and their plans for new businesses. While the heart of entrepreneurship is opportunity assessment, a holistic approach to venture creation is taken. Students will work in teams to a write a business plan for a new venture. Prerequisite: Completion of foundation-level requirements or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

BU 685 Business Intelligence Systems (3) – Business intelligence systems combine operational data with analytical tools to present complex and competitive information to planners and decision-makers. The objective is to improve the timeliness and quality of inputs to the decision process. BI (Business Intelligence) is used to understand the capabilities available in the firm; the state of the art, trends, and future directions in the markets, the technologies, and the regulatory environment in which the firm competes; and the actions of competitors and the implications of these actions. Prerequisite: Completion of foundation-level requirements or equivalent and BU 656, or consent of instructor.

BU 696 Research Project in Business (3) – Individual study of selected problems in the field of business or economics as conducted through extensive reading and research. Approval of the project proposal must be obtained before enrolling in the course. Approved project proposals are to be filed with the Director of Graduate Programs. Prerequisite: Enrollment by consent of instructor only.

BU 698 Special Topics in Business (3) – Special topics announced in advance. May be taken more than once.

AC 630 Advanced Accounting Information Systems (3) – Introduction to how businesses utilize information systems and how accounting systems are integrated into, and support, today’s computer-intensive, global enterprise business environment. Emphasis is placed on the end-to-end cross-functional business processes which form the backbone of business operations across a range of industries. Technology literacy development, focusing on the management, architecture and usage of enterprise systems, the design and use of data stored in a relational databases, and analysis of business data in support of business decision making.  Prerequisites: Admission to the MAcc Program, BU 250 and AC330.

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