Students majoring in history must have a minimum of 33 hours in history with a grade of C or above, at least 15 hours taken at Washburn. Students must have 18 hours of lower division history, which will consist of HI 100, 101 & 102 (World Civ. I , II & III), HI 111 & 112 (US Hist. I & II), and HI 395 (History Forum). Upper division requirements are 12 hours with at least one course in each cultural tradition: American (303-328); European (334-347, 380-386); non-Western (354-362). Demonstration of the mastery of historical research and writing is required by a grade of C or above in HI 399, Historical Methods and Research. Majors must also demonstrate additional competence by completing either a second major or an established minor within another College of Arts & Sciences discipline. 

In declaring a major in history, students will be assigned an advisor and develop a departmentally-approved plan for graduation. The department recognizes a maximum of 3 hours history credit through CEEB Advanced Placement. Departmental honors are offered to those majors attaining a 3.5 in History, a 3.2 overall GPA, and an A in the Capstone HI 399 course.


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