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Description of Anthropology

As the study of humankind, anthropology examines the culture, society, and biology of humans and their closest relatives across time. Anthropology encompasses the following sub-disciplines:

  • Cultural anthropology, the study of human cultures across the globe
  • Archaeology, the study of the human past through material culture
  • Physical anthropology, the study of human evolution and biological diversity
  • Linguistics, the study of human language and its meaning in social context

Students may go on to pursue careers in fields such as public health, nursing, law, education, business, urban planning, and museum studies.


Departmental Requirements

AN 112 (Cultural Anthropology)

AN 116 (Physical Anthropology)

AN 324 (History and Theory of Anthropology)

AN 362 (Methods of Social Research)

SO 100 (Introduction to Sociology) or SO 101 (American Social Problems)

AN 114 (Introduction to Archeology) or AN 303 (Human Prehistory)

AN 317 (Peoples and Cultures of Africa) or AN 319 (North American Indians) or AN 320 (Olmec/Maya/Aztec) or AN325 (Anthropology of the Caribbean)

AN elective

AN upper division elective

AN upper division elective

AN or SO upper division elective


- Need 33 semester hours in the department, 18 must be upper division

- Students majoring in Anthropology may minor in Sociology

- All major and minor courses must be “C” or better

- Students interested in graduate study are strongly encouraged to take a statistics course

Minor in Anthropology

The minor in Anthropology consists of 15 credit hours. AN 112 (Cultural Anthropology) is required, along with 12 other hours, 6 hours of which have to be upper division. One of the upper division courses must have been completed at WU.


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