Associate of Arts in Legal Studies

University Requirements: 9 hours/Grade of "C" or better    

  • MA 112 Cont. College Math OR  MA 116 College Algebra (3)
  • EN 101 First Year Writing (3)
  • WU 101 The Washburn Experience (3) OR IS100 The College Experience (3) OR HN101 Honors Washburn Experience (3)

General Education Requirements: 15 hours/Grade of "D" or better           

Degree Requirements:

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For a complete description of the individual classes, go to the course catalog at:
Academic Catalog
(Note, this link opens a pdf file of the entire undergraduate catalog in a new window.  When it opens, if you click on the ribbon icon in the upper right corner, it will open a page index.  If you click on any of the arrows, it will open a sub-menu for that section.  If you click on School of Applied Studies, you can then scroll down to the Criminal Justice & Legal Studies Department and click on that link to open the course listing for Criminal Justice & Legal Studies.)

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