Thomas L. King Lecture in Religious Studies

The series has been fortunate in having a number of very distinguished scholars as speakers.  Previous lecturers have included Walter Brueggemann, Jacob Neusner, Martin Marty, John Dominic Crossan, Huston Smith, Wendy Doniger, Bart Ehrman, and Peter Gomes. In addition to the formal public lecture, speakers' schedules are typically arranged so they can meet informally with a class of undergraduates.

The Thomas L. King Lecture in Religious Studies is always free and open to the pubilc. It is scheduled each spring semester -- generally in March.  Watch this page and the Washburn University calendar for more information.

Eva Mroczek presented the 2019 Thomas L. King Lecture in February.

Eva Mroczek portriat"Out of the Cave: Manuscript Discoveries and New Biblical Pasts"

Eva Mroczek is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at The University of California-Davis. She is a scholar of early Jewish texts and traditions, and her research spans both canonical and non-canonical works. She pays particular attention to the ways that ancient Jewish readers imagined their own books and the worlds that encompass them. Her work is distinguished in particular by its breadth: she considers not only the content of early Jewish books, but also the material forms in which readers encountered these books. She has thus become one of the defining voices of her generation of scholars in the fields of biblical literature and early Judaism. Her award-winning first book, The Literary Imagination in Jewish Antiquity, was published through Oxford University Press in 2016.

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