Religious Studies Degree Plan

The Major

The major in Religious Studies is a broadly based program of instruction designed to meet the needs of the following three groups of students: first, those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the role of religion in human experience and history; second, those interested in entering a seminary in preparation for a career in the ministry; and third, those planning to continue the academic study of religion at the graduate level in preparation for a career of teaching and research.

Requirements for the Major

The requirements for the major in religious studies consist of the following:

  • RG 101 (3): Introduction to Religion
  • RG 102 (3): World Religions
  • PH  201 (3): Corrupting the Youth: Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • PH  202 (3): I Think Therefore I Am? Modern Philosophy 1600-1800
  • RG 331 (3): Understanding Religion
  • RG 398 (3): Senior Thesis Research
  • RG 399 (3): Senior Thesis
  • Twelve (12) additional credits
    • At least nine must be RG courses
    • At least nine must be upper division
    • External courses require advisor's prior approval

Religious Studies majors desiring to earn departmental honors must successfully complete the college requirements for departmental honors.

Pre-Professional Programs (Pre-Seminary) 

An individualized course of study for pre-seminary students, which incorporates suggestions of many graduate theological seminaries regarding undergraduate preparation for seminary, may be designed in cooperation with the department’s pre-seminary advisor.

For a complete description of the individual classes, go to the course catalog at:

Academic Catalog

(Note, this link opens a large pdf file in a new window.  Once the file opens, click on the ribbon tab in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open the bookmarks menu.  Click on the arrow next to the College of Arts and Sciences to open the sub-menu and then scroll down to the name of the department.  Click on the department name and you'll go straight to the information for this department.)

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