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"In unphilosophical minds any rare or unexpected thing excites wonder, while in philosophical minds the familiar excites wonder also." -George Santayana

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers courses that help you develop your skills in logic, critical thought, and intercultural understanding.

  • Our philosophy graduates have become lawyers, bankers, ministers, priests, college teachers, optometrists and physicians. Some own and manage businesses.
  • Our religious studies graduates go on to a wide variety of post-graduate opportunities: entry-level jobs in the business, non-profit, or public service sectors, graduate school in religious studies or other humanistic disciplines, law schools, library science, and social work.
  • Philosophy and religious studies provide an excellent foundation for success in a variety of academic and professional fields and also help students come to a better understanding of themselves and of their world.
  •  On the 2013-2016 GRE exams, philosophy majors had the highest average scores out of all surveyed majors in the Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing categories. Religion and theology majors had the second highest average scores in both of these categories.

Majoring in Philosophy

There is no question that the study of philosophy pays off, and it does so in numerous ways.  Some of the benefits come right away.  You might think of these as personal benefits.  Taking philosophy classes – in particular, majoring or minoring in philosophy – can be one of the most intellectually rewarding and stimulating things you can do while you are a student at Washburn.

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Our approach to philosophy

Philosophy focuses on fundamental questions concerning the nature of reality, knowledge and values. Philosophers seek to understand the true nature of reality and of humankind.  Philosophers also help develop ethical standards – the basic moral norms which govern our choices and actions.

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Majoring in Religious Studies

The major in religious studies is designed to take full advantage of Washburn University’s unique resources as a public municipal institution in a state capital city. Courses will focus on religious traditions and communities from around the world as they are found in the modern United States of America.

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What is it like to pursue Religous Studies?

Religious Studies is not just the study of religion. It begins with serious reflection on what we mean by "religion" and whether we all mean the same thing when we say it. Is religion a universal human phenomenon?  Is it, in fact, the very thing that makes us human?

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Amy Jill Levine at Thomas King Lecture

Thomas L. King Lecture in Religious Studies

The Thomas L. King Lecture in Religious Studies was established in 1982 by a gift from the First Congregational Church in Topeka from funds donated in memory of Thomas L. King, an alumnus and benefactor of Washburn.  The series enriches the Religious Studies program at Washburn by providing a forum for students, faculty, and persons from the greater Topeka community to become familiar with the work of leading scholars in the field.

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Russell Jacobs Lecture in Philosophy

The Russell Jacobs Lecture in Philosophy was established in 2019 by a gift from Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and former department chairman, Russell Jacobs. The series aims to bring outstanding philosophers and discussion of their work to Washburn University each fall.

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