Housing and Dining

Download a copy of our "Meningitis Form"

2017-2018 Contract

2018 - 2019 Contract

Washburn's Student Housing Application for the

2018-2019 Academic Year

Our Student Housing Application is available to full-time Washburn & Washburn Tech students online-only via their myWashburn.

I. Finding the Application Online

II.  Completing the Application

III.  Paying the Deposit

IV.  Cancelling your Application

  • I.  Finding the Housing Application Online:

  1. Log onto your MyWashburn* at www.my.washburn.edu
  2. Select the Student Life tab on the left hand side
  3. On the top-right corner of the screen, in a box titled Residential Living, select the Residential Living Housing Portal link (see image above)
  4. Select the Application tab


*All current Washburn students are given access to their MyWashburn account once accepted to the University.  If you have not been accepted to Washburn, please contact our Admissions' office at: admissions@washburn.edu.

  • II.  Completing the Housing Application

New Resident

New Residents...are applicants who have never signed a contract with Washburn Residential Living. 

(This includes incoming freshmen and transfer students.)

1. Welcome
2. Personal Details
3. Emergency Contact and Missing Person Information
4. Meningitis Compliance
5. Special Accomodations
6. Living Learning Community Interest
7. Lifestyle Questions
8. Building Preferences
9. Contract (or Under 18 Contract)
10. Web Profile
11. Roommates
12. Rooms
13. Confirmation

Returning Resident

Returning Residents...are applicants who have signed a contract with Washburn Residential Living before the 2017-2018 term.

1. Welcome
2. Personal Details
3. Emergency Contact and Missing Person Information
4. Special Accomodations
5. Living Learning Community Interest
  • If Yes, skip below to continue Learning Community Application Process
  • If No, continue...
6. Lifestyle Questions
7. Building Preferences
8. Contract (or Under 18 Contract)
9. Web Profile
10. Roommates
11. Renew Current Bed | Rooms
12. Meal Plan
13. Confirmation

...continue Learning Community Application Process:

6. Living Learning Community Preferences
7. Living Learning Community Questions
8. Lifestyle Questions
9. Building Preferences
10. Web Profile
11. Roommates
12. Rooms
13. Meal Plan
14. Contract (or Under 18 Contract)
15. Confirmation

  •   •  III. Paying the Housing Deposit**

Applicants may pay their Housing Deposit in one of the following ways:

  • A. In Person with a Check or Cash

      1. Student must present valid WUID

      2. Checks should be made out to Washburn University for the amount of $300.00

  • B.Online with Card

This option is our preferred option.  Please submit your deposit only once to avoid duplicate charges on your bank account. 

      1. Return to your MyWashburn

      2. Make sure you're still under the Student Life tab

      3. On the top-right corner of the screen, in the same box titled Residential Living, select the Pay Housing Deposit link

      4. Select the WU-View option on the new screen that appears

      5. Once in your WU-View account, select the Deposits tab near the top of the screen

      6. From the drop-down menu labeled Select Term select the appropriate Term

      7. From the new drop-down menu labeled Select Deposit Payment select Housing/Damage Dep...

      8. Review the information populated and select Continue

      9. From the drop down menu Select Payment Method

      10. Confirm your payment

      11. View Payment Receipt

      12. Return to your application in the Housing Portal via your MyWashburn

      13. Please note it may take up to 30-minutes for your deposit to process before you are allowed to continue on your application

  • C. In Mail with Check

If check is mailed you will be unable to continue on your application until our office receives your check. 

    1. Write a check out to Washburn University for the amount of $300.00

    2. On the check, or somewhere separately please include the student's full legal name and WIN

    3. Mail check with appropriate postage to:

Washburn Residential Living
1801 SW Jewell Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621

**Having a hard time coming up with the money to pay your deposit? Send an email to our Director, Mindy Rendon explaining your situation and you may qualify for a temporary waiver.

  •   •  IV. Cancelling your Housing Application***

Cancelling Step on Housing Portal

    1. Find your application for the appropriate term through the Housing Portal via your MyWashburn

    2. The cancellation step is listed as the last step of your application (see image above)

    3. Complete the questions on the cancellation step

*** Deposit Refund Process

  • The Residential Living office processes cancellations about once every week.  To expedite this process contact our Senior Administrative Assistant, Kim Meehan.

  • Cancellations made after June 1st will not receive a full deposit refund as is stated on the signed contract.

  • The Business Office will generate a refund for the deposit unless there is a balance on the account if requested on or before June 1st,  in which case the refunded amount will be applied to the balance.  If the refund amount exceeds the amount that you owe to Washburn, the difference will be refunded to you.


    Refunds may be direct deposited into your bank account or picked up from the Business Office in the form of a check. Valid picture ID must be presented when picking up a check

  • Upon request, the Business Office will mail refund checks instead of holding them for pickup.

  • Unclaimed refund checks will be mailed after ten days to the current address we have on file for the student.

  • The Business Office reserves the right to refund an excess balance to a credit card used to make a prepayment.

  • This entire process may take up to three weeks, if you have not received your deposit back after three weeks please contact us