Apply to Graduate

Students planning to complete a Certificate or an Associate's, Bachelor’s, or Master's degree must apply to graduate at the beginning of their final semester in order to initiate a graduation check. (Students can monitor their progress toward a degree via their online degree audit; instructions for processing an online degree audit can be found at this link.) Graduation checks are completed midway through the Spring and Fall semesters. Applicants will receive an email indicating either that everything is in order, or that certain requirements have not yet been met.

This application for degree/certificate should be filed in early September for students intending to participate in the Fall commencement ceremony, and in early February for students intending to participate in the Spring commencement ceremony, which includes both Spring and Summer degree candidates (see the academic calendar for exact dates). A student is not a candidate for degree until the University Registrar’s Office has the Application for Degree/Certificate on file.

The application for graduation can be completed through MyWashburn following the steps below:

1.            Log in to MyWashburn

2.            Go to the Student Academics tab

3.            Choose Apply to Graduate in the Registration and Academic Information section

4.            Select the term of your catalog year

5.            Select the Degree Program in which you plan to graduate

6.            Select your graduation date

7.            Select your name as you want it to appear on your diploma (please note* you must include all punctuation including a period after your middle initial if you want it to appear on your diploma. If your name does not include a middle name and you want your full name on your diploma, choose new and add the middle name)

8.            After you have submitted your application for graduation, finalize the process by completing the graduation survey

Please contact the University Registrar’s Office by e-mailing if you do NOT want your name to appear in the Commencement Book or newspapers.

Please note, you must be declared in your degree program if you wish to apply to graduate through MyWashburn. Paper Applications for Degree/Certificate will be available in the Student One Stop, Morgan Welcome Center, for those students whose academic programs or registration status preclude them from participating in the online process, for example if they are not able to declare their degree/certificate. A PDF version of this form is also available below.

You need only submit the online application one time for the specific semester or term you will complete your degree or certificate. Students who plan to complete more than one degree/certificate in a specific term must submit an application for each degree or certificate. Students who do not graduate in the semester/term for which they have applied, must contact the University Registrar’s Office via to update their semester/term of graduation.

If you have questions regarding the new Application for Graduation Process please contact the University Registrar’s Office at

Application for Graduation form (PDF)

University Registrar's Office
Washburn University
1700 SW College Avenue
Topeka, KS 66621

FAX: (785) 670-1104

Phone: (785) 670-1074