Concurrent Enrollment

CEP Info for High School Students and Parents

Student Qualifications & Expectations

Undergraduate-level courses are academically challenging for students who are still in high school. For the diligent student they can be a source of enrichment and provide early progress towards an eventual college degree. However, because of the increased level of detail and rigor in these courses, some high school students can find them to be a significant challenge. For this reason, enrollment in Washburn University CEP courses is limited to juniors and seniors with a 3.0 high school GPA or higher and who have the recommendation of their high school guidance counselor. Exceptional sophomores may also enroll in CEP courses with the permission of the College of Arts & Sciences Dean. CEP students are further limited to enrollment in six credit hours of CEP work in a given semester, unless an exception is requested from the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Participation in a CEP course is a privilege for students who have been endorsed by their counselor and admitted into the program by Washburn University. Students are expected to demonstrate active engagement in the course, demonstrate a commitment to learning, and conscientiously achieve the objectives outlined in course syllabi. As Washburn University students, CEP course enrollees are bound by the academic honesty and integrity policies of the university, including the prohibition on cheating and plagiarism.

For information on how to enroll in the CEP program please refer to the Enrollment Information form to the left, under CEP Forms.


Students enrolled in Washburn CEP courses pay one-half the current rate of  Traditional Undergraduate tuition or Business Undergraduate rate, if enrolling in Personal Finance. For more detailed information regarding tuition and various payment methods, please see Payment Information for High School Students.


Some CEP courses utilize the same textbook as is already used in the high school course, while others require a different textbook. In the latter case, textbooks are available for student purchase or rent at the Washburn University bookstore. Textbook information is provided to the high school during the course scheduling process (see CEP Academic Calendar).

Washburn CEP Contacts


For questions and assistance related to the CEP program, please e-mail E-mails to this address are forwarded to each of the three Washburn University CEP Coordinators, and the coordinator whose duties are relevant to your question will respond. The three WU CEP Coordinators are:

Dr. Matt Arterburn, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Coordinates Course Scheduling, Staffing and Instructor Qualifications


Kelli Wietharn, Executive Assistant, Enrollment Management

Coordinates Student Enrollment


Dr. Bruce Mactavish, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Coordinates Academic Quality Assurance, and WU Liaison Work With CEP Teachers

CEP Partner Institutions

The following high school personnel are designated CEP coordinators for their institutions:

High School
Linda Blanchette
Mr. James Sandstrom
Highland Park
Aaron Ebke
Shana Perry
Hope St Academy
Angie Seaman
Dale Nole
Danira Fernandez-Flores
Mike Monaghan
Shawnee Heights
Laurie Crimmins
Ed West
Topeka High
Autumn Weyand
Paula Reilly
Topeka West
Jackie VanPetten
Dustin Dick
Washburn Rural
Keith Wetzel
Kyle Reed
Ed Raines