An instructor works with students during a Washburn course.

Concurrent Enrollment

CEP Info for High School Students and Parents

Student Qualifications & Expectations

  • With a 3.0 or higher GPA you can begin to take classes your sophomore year.
  • As a CEP student, you can enroll in six credit hours in a given semester. You can request an exception from the dean of the College of Arts & Sciences to take more.
  • As a CEP student, the expectation is for you to demonstate active engagement in the course and a commitment to learning, as well as conscientiously achieve the objectives outline in course syllabi.
  • As a Washburn University student, you are bound by the academic honesty and integrity policies of the University, including prohibition on cheating and plagiarism.
  • For more information on how to enroll in the program, please refer to the Enrollment Information form.


Save money by receiving 50% tuition discount: Your cost is $141 per credit hour*, Business courses are $163. *Tuition rates are subject to change per Board of Regents approval. For more detailed information regarding tuition and various payment methods, please see Payment Information for High School Students.


Some CEP courses utilize the same textbook as is already used in the high school course, while others require a different textbook.See your high school counselor for more information about textbooks.

Your CEP contacts

Hayden High School

Highland Park High School

Hope Street Academy

Seaman High School

Shawnee Heights High School

Topeka High School

Topeka West High School

Washburn Rural High School

Silver Lake High School