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Thedore Heim ImageThedore Heim

Ted Heim has taught in the Criminal Justice program since it was established in 1971. Prior beginning college teaching at the University of Kansas and Missouri Western, he served as an air police officer and squadron commander and held a variety of positions in the Kansas Prison system, concluding his service as warden of the Reception and Diagnostic Center in Topeka. His teaching and research interests include prisons and their management, correctional history, and staff development. He is active in professional organizations and continues to serve on a number of advisory boards for community corrections. He completed his undergraduate degree at Kansas State University and his master's in political science at the University of Kansas. He also has completed additional graduate work at the George Washington University, University of Kansas, and Kansas State University. He was awarded emeritus status in 1998, but continues to teach courses in his areas of interest on a part-time basis. He can be reached at

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Cliff RobersonCliff Roberson

Dr. Roberson received his Bachelor of Arts in political science and  history from the  University of Missouri; his J.D. in law from American University Graduate Study at the University of Virginia-Judge Advocate General's School; his LLM in Criminal Law, Criminology, and Psychiatry from George Washington University; and his Ph.D. in Human Behavior and Leadership from U.S. International University.  Prior to joining the Criminal Justice Department, Dr. Roberson was an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas (1978-1983); Director of Programs for the National College of District Attorneys, University of Houston School of Law (1983-1984); the Director of the Justice Center and Professor Criminal Justice at California State University, Fresno (1984-1991); the Director and a Professor of the C.J. Program, University of Houston-Victoria (1991-1993); the Dean of Arts and  Sciences, University of Houston, Victoria (1993-1995); the Associate Vice-President for Academics, Arkansas Tech (1995-1996); and Staff Counsel, State Counsel for Offenders, Texas Board of Criminal Justice (1996-1997). He has published, authored, and co-authored 40 books. He can be reached at