School of Applied Studies

School of Applied Studies

Applied Studies is a Professional school established in 1983 to provide educational programs in disciplines which respond to community and state needs. The school is comprised of four departments: Allied Health; Criminal Justice & Legal Studies; Human Services; and Social Work. Degree offerings range from the associate through masters degree depending upon the department. Some departments also offer one year certificates. Washburn University provides 26 associate degree options in conjunction with Washburn Institute of Technology through the School of Applied Studies.

The School has approximately 1,250 majors, awards 31% of the undergraduate and 45% of the graduate degrees (excluding the School of Law). Applied Studies is accredited by 10 external agencies, which speaks well of program quality. The School also places over 500 students in internship/clinical/practicum experiences in more than 400 agencies in Topeka and throughout the state of Kansas each academic year.


The School of Applied Studies has the primary function of offering quality professional programs in areas responsive to community and state needs.

The mission for the School of Applied Studies will be accomplished when all graduates are:

  1. Lifelong learners who are committed to continuing education and scholarship.
  2. Competent individuals who possess the necessary skills for entry level employment in the profession.
  3. Complex thinkers who have the ability to problem solve, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate.
  4. Informed individuals who are sensitive to cultural diversity.
  5. Effective communicators who have the necessary verbal and written skills to work in our global society.
  6. Responsible individuals who demonstrate commitment to professional values and ethics.
  7. Technologically literate Individuals with applicable skills relevant to their profession.

Our Vision

The School of Applied Studies will be an outstanding educational setting and resource center for the creation of a learning community that embraces exemplary leadership, scholarship, and integrity.

Values Guiding Our Vision

Commitment to Academic Excellence:  To have a highly qualified and talented faculty and staff as well as discerning and productive graduates.

Commitment to Scholarship:  To engage in scientific research, innovative studies, and scholarly endeavors that have beneficial and practical consequences.

Commitment to Technological Empowerment:  To foster literacy in relevant technology in order to best utilize its importance and potential.

Commitment to Public Service:  To strengthen our creative partnerships and outreach.

Commitment to Diversity:  To strive for a vibrant and inclusive learning environment that respects and embraces the many different dimensions of diversity and international perspectives.

Commitment to Compassionate Professionalism:  To prepare dedicated and caring professionals, who adhere to the highest ethical standards and performance competencies.

For more information, contact the School of Applied Studies at (785) 670-1282.