Human Services

Human Services

Flexible, Meaningful, Affordable

We prepare students for a variety of careers in the helping professions, including addiction counseling, youth services, victim/survivor services, gerontology/aging, mental health, and homelessness/poverty. Students who are interested in Addiction Counseling should see our Career Ladder in Addiction Counseling for more information.

Why Major in Human Services at Washburn?


At the undergraduate level, you can complete our degrees online or on-campus (or whatever combination works for you). Our Master’s degree is entirely online, and fieldwork may be completed in your own community. Several of our on-campus classes are offered in evening or weekend workshop formats to better fit into student’s busy schedules. Students at all levels can choose full- or part-time enrollment.


We offer small class sizes, which means more one-on-one attention for you. Our faculty have real-world professional experience. Our degrees and certificates involve practical, applied learning opportunities that will prepare you for a rewarding career in a wide variety of helping professions. If you know you want to help people, but you aren’t sure exactly how, your faculty advisor will help you explore your options and get a broad scope of practical experiences. On the other hand, if you know exactly what you want your role to be, we will work with you to tailor your degree and fieldwork towards your specific goals. Either way, students leave our program with practical experience on their resume and professional contacts in their own community.


We recognize the hard work that some students have done at other institutions and we are committed to being transfer-friendly. Give us a call to make an appointment with an advisor to see about substituting previous coursework for human services credit. Our tuition is very reasonable. Washburn University offers financial aid and scholarships, and some of our students gain relevant professional experience while earning federal work-study money through Washburn’s Bonner Leaders Program.

grace roberts

“I feel driven to work with families in a context that empowers them to find solutions that fit their lives. I understand from a compassionate and intellectual approach (instilled from the Human Services Department at Washburn University) that self-determination, mutual respect, and unconditional kindness and health are key components to working with families.” - Grace Roberts

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