Physical Therapist Assistant

Quality Indicators

Our Mission

The mission of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program is to offer a quality career oriented program allowing graduates to become credentialed Physical Therapist Assistants. To help students achieve this goal, the program is focused on providing excellence in teaching with high faculty-student interaction and enhanced educational experiences through relationships with community partners. By doing so, it allows students to realize their intellectual, academic, and professional potential so they can become lifelong learners who are responsible and productive members of the health care team and local community, state, and region.

  1. Work under the supervision of a physical therapist in an ethical, legal, safe and effective manner.
  2. Implement a comprehensive treatment plan according to the physical therapist plan of care.
  3. Communicate regularly with supervising physical therapists about the patient's progress or adjustments made in treatment procedures in accordance with changes in patient status.
  4. Perform appropriate assessments in measurement techniques within the knowledge and limits of practice to assist the supervising physical therapists in monitoring and modifying the plan of care.
  5. Interact with patients and families in a manner which provides the desired psychosocial support including the recognition of cultural and socioeconomic differences.
  6. Participate in the teaching of other health care providers, patients, and families.
  7. Document relevant aspects of patient treatment and participate in discharge planning and follow up care.
  8. Demonstrate effective written, oral and nonverbal communication with patients and their families, colleagues, health care providers and the public.
  9. Understand the levels of authority and responsibility, planning, time management, supervisory process, performance evaluations, policies, and procedures; fiscal considerations for physical therapy providers and consumers, and continuous quality improvement.
  10. Practice professional development through reading and interpreting professional literature, participation in professional organizations and attendance at continuing education programs.

Graduation and Exam Pass Rates

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