Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline?

February 1st is the deadline for priority admission. Applications continue to be accepted through May 31st. Since clinical education is a component of this program, time must be allotted for the affiliation process with an MR facility for fall and spring semesters. APPLY NOW.

What is the first step of application?

Complete the MR Program application form and submit to the stated address listed on the form. Also, include copies of the applicable documents stated in the application.

Which University Admissions forms do I need to complete for the Magnetic Resonance program?

Please complete the “Undergraduate Application" to the University, also indicating “Certificate in Magnetic Resonance.” 

Can the program be completed online?

Yes, the MR program certification program is only offered online which allows flexibility in completion of the certificate for health care professionals. The didactic (theory) courses are online (via Desire 2 Learn management system) and clinical courses are done in your geographical area. An MR facility must be willing to affiliate with Washburn University for the clinical component. Clinical placement is not guaranteed.  

How many clinical hours must be completed each week?

24 hours of magnetic resonance clinical are done weekly during fall and spring semesters. These may be arranged as either three 8-hour days or two 12-hour days pending the preference of the MR clinical site. 

How do I obtain a site for the clinical experience?

You are responsible for finding an MR facility for clinical, since you know the health care facilities in your geographical area. Send an Affiliate Information Packet to any potential clinical sites and then they should contact the Program Coordinator with further questions. An affiliation agreement must be signed between the MR facility and Washburn University, so that you are covered by liability insurance. 

Must I complete the entire certificate program or just select courses?

You may complete the certificate program as a full-time or part-time student. However, if you only want to enroll in specific courses such as MR Physics, you may do so. You will indicate your preference on the MR Program Application. A clinical test-out option is also available as discussed on the MR Application. 

How am I notified after submission of the MR Application?

You will receive an email notification regarding your application to the MR Program approximately 3 weeks after submission. Your acceptance status to the program will always be conditional, pending other requirements which include: registration in an allied health profession (ARRT, etc.), health insurance coverage for clinical, current CPR certification for health professionals, background check, essential functions and health physical exam. Other requirements may exist as deemed necessary by an MR facility for clinical education.  

When do I receive the various forms related to acceptance?

All forms (background check, etc.) are sent to accepted students in May or within two weeks of acceptance for later applicants. These forms are sent by email. Note the health physical exam form does require documentation of immunizations. To simply list the date is not sufficient, you must attach records from your physician or have a titer (lab work) done to verify antibodies.  

I keep receiving emails from WU to register for fall classes, how do I register?

All newly accepted students who will begin fall courses will be sent enrollment information in mid-April via email, along with the enrollment number (PIN). 

How do I speak with someone in the Admission’s Office, Financial Aid Office or Business Office?

Admission’s Office is 785-670-1030

Financial Aid is 785-670-1151

Business Office is 785-670-1156

Are there other scholarships I can apply for?

You should always check with your employer for tuition assistance such as reimbursement.

Another source is the School of Applied Studies (SAS) at Washburn University who offers individual scholarships. You can print off an SAS Scholarship Application. February 15th is the deadline for apply for SAS scholarships.  

What are the current tuition and fees?

Current tuition and fees are listed on the Office of Admissions Tuition & Fees page. See information listed under "Other Programs".  For MRI, which is an online program, you are billed online through your MyWasbhurn Account each semester.   

  • Books:  approximately $400
  • Uniforms, as per clinical site
  • CPR certification fee
  • Physical exam fee
  • Health insurance
  • Background check fee - Background check, drug screen and immunization tracking ($97)
  • Computer with Internet access meeting online learning requirements
  • Graduation pin (optional): $15

How much does the WU health coverage cost that is available to students?

Please call 1-800-245-0486 for further details about the WU insurance and rates. 

Is there a dress code for the clinical experience?

The Magnetic Resonance program does not require a uniform to be purchased.

Each clinical site will have their own dress code for the student to follow. Some may allow street clothes with a lab, while others allow scrubs. Once a clinical assignment has been made, the student will be responsible for following the designated dress code.