Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Application Deadline

FEBRUARY 1st is the deadline to be considered for the following fall class.

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How to apply

The prerequisite for admission to the MR Program follows the ARRT guidelines for post-primary certification. An applicant may be currently enrolled in an applicable education program. However, the applicant must have attained registration status in the applicable area prior to the start of the MR Program (mid-August). Another avenue for admission is to hold a current registration in radiography, radiation therapy, sonography or nuclear medicine. Sonography registration may be through either the ARRT or ARDMS. Nuclear medicine registration may be held with either the ARRT or NMTCB.

To apply for the Magnetic Resonance Imaging program:

1. Apply to and be accepted into Washburn University if you are not currently enrolled at Washburn University.
  • As part of the online application to Washburn University, students will have the opportunity to declare a major/degree. Applicants may declare the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) degree with a major in Medical Imaging as well as a Certificate for the Magnetic Resonance program.
  • Apply for the semester you are intending to begin the program. (i.e. Fall 20__)

Acceptance into Washburn University does not guarantee acceptance into the Magnetic Resonance Program.  

2. Apply to the MRI program by submitting a complete application by mail. Emailed or faxed application will not be accepted.
  • Submit official transcripts directly to the Office of Admissions
  • Mail your completed MRI application, documents of national registration (ARRT, etc.), and current CPR card to:

Jera Roberts
Magnetic Resonance Program
Washburn University
1700 SW College Avenue
Topeka, KS 66621

Application Deadline

Priority applications must be received by February 1 for the next fall semester. Applications continue to be accepted through May 31st for part-time or full-time enrollment. Since clinical education is a component of this program, time must be allotted for the affiliation process with an MR facility for fall and spring semesters.

Acceptance from both the program and acceptance at a clinical site is required prior to a student beginning the program as a full-time student. Individuals will be notified by email of acceptance or non-acceptance by the Program Coordinator. Enrollment information will be sent in mid-April, along with an information packet containing the appropriate forms. 

Out-of-State Admissions Application Disclaimer

The admission of students into a Washburn University degree or certificate program offered online or at sites outside of Kansas is contingent upon the University’s compliance with any applicable regulations or laws enacted by those states in which the students reside.  The University is reviewing the regulations imposed by other states in which our current students reside to determine their applicability and the feasibility of complying with such regulations in the future.  

Note: not all states allow an affiliation with Washburn University including, but not limited to, California, New York and North Carolina.