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Moving Stillness

Moving Stillness celebrates the life and prolific career of Kansas artist, Rita Blitt. It is the premiere exhibition of the Mulvane Art Museum’s new Rita Blitt Gallery and Sculpture Garden. The exhibition includes some of Blitt’s most pivotal works, such as Lunarblitt XVI (Yellow Ball), 1975, Finding Center, 1983, and Celebrating Dorianna, 1996.


Flatlander—Belonging to the Land

Date: Fri 07/27/18 8:00AM - Fri 03/08/19 5:00PM

Featuring prints and an installation by John Hitchcock, the exhibition explores the intersection between cultures through the land, language, and the visual symbols of the Great Plains-the epicenter for Plains tribal culture. Hitchcock draws from his experiences growing up on native land that sits adjacent to Fort Sills in Oklahoma. He utilizes drawing an...

permanent collection art

Shifting Perspectives

Date: Wed 11/21/18 8:00AM - Wed 03/20/19 5:00PM
Location: 2nd Floor South Gallery

An exhibition of art and material culture from the Mulvane Art Museum’s permanent collection, ranging from the 17th century to the present. Objects on display include sword guards, woodblock prints, ceramics, and paintings, which individually and collectively relate experiences of communication, exchange, and appropriation between East Asia, Europe ...

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