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General Guidelines


  • Always give credit for information and ideas you copy, adapt, or paraphrase.
  • Assume that EVERYTHING is protected by copyright even if there is no copyright symbol.
  • Respect the copyright of the materials you use.
  • When obtaining permission to use more of a copyrighted work than fair use allows, ask for written permission and keep a copy of the permission in your files.
  • Know your rights as a copyright holder and the rights of others.
  • Protect your own works (research, art, multimedia, creative writing) with copyright.


  • If in doubt, do not copy.
  • Do not assume that a copyright owner will be happy to have you use his or her work.
  • Do not assume that no one will catch you.
  • Do not alter copyrighted graphics.
  • Do not use trademarks or logos from others in your own works.
  • Do not let your instructor use your work without your signed Use of Student Work form.