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Group Exercise

A variety of group exercise classes are offered free of charge to all SRWC members. Class offerings are designed so you can work at your own intensity level. Schedules are available both below and in the SRWC.

Group Exercise Schedule

Current Group Exercise Schedule (printable)

Group Exercise schedule for:  May 19 - June 30

Indoor Cycling*
Indoor Cycling*
Lethal Legs
Class times and offerings may be subject to change  

Active Ichabod Summer Series Group Exercise

Yoga on the Lawn
June 4th - 12:10pm-12:45pm
Meets on the lawn next
to Carole Chapel
Full Body Workshop
June 25th - 5:30pm-6:30pm 

20 participants per class
*12 for cycling
Reserve your spot in each class by signing up at the SRWC front desk one hour prior to class. There are no additional fees for group exercise classes.

Ramp up your fitness level and weight loss capabilities through team-orientated military and martial-arts-influenced exercises using various equipment and body weight. Learn how to do it right!

This cycling class will have you climbing to new heights in your quest to be in the best shape of your life. You will be coached through a variety of medium and high intensity intervals of variable lengths in time. This class is designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and muscular endurance.

This class targets the legs, the biggest muscles in the body. Shred the pounds and boost your fitness level with this fun, legs-based cardio and strength-orientated class.

This mixed level class is for beginning and continuing participants in yoga. Instruction in the fundamentals of body alignment through basic yoga postures and introduction to more advance standing, sitting, twisting, forward bending, and back bending postures.

Get in touch with your ‘true nature" in the experience of yoga outdoors. his mixed level class is for beginning and continuing participants in yoga. Instruction in the fundamentals of body alignment . Great for stress relief and flexibility improvement.

Individuals interested in becoming a group exercise instructor at the SRWC can apply by completing a Group Exercise Instructor application on our Employment Opportunities page.

Procedures

  1. Participants can sign-in no more than one hour prior to each class.
  2. Each class has a limited number of spots available for call-ins.  Call-in spots are shaded on the group exercise sign-in sheets.  Reference the specific class sign-in sheets for details. 
  3. Individuals must completely fill out a sign-in sheet for each class (this includes call-ins). Example: Participants wanting to participate in back-to-back classes must sign-in for both classes.
  4. Individuals cannot reserve spots for other class participants.
  5. Individuals signing the back of the sign-in sheet will be allowed to participate in the class in the event of a cancellation or no-show.  Signing the back of the sign-in sheet does not guarantee a spot in the class. 

Class Policies and Procedures

  1. Due to limited class sizes, it is recommended that participants arrive for class on time.  Participants not present at the start of class may lose their spot.
  2. Participants may enter an open class until 10 minutes after start time.  After ten minutes, class entry is upon the instructor’s discretion.
  3. Proper athletic attire must be worn at all times.  No open-toed shoes or sandals allowed.  SRWC management reserves the right to determine what is considered proper athletic attire.
  4. Equipment should be cleaned and returned to its designated place after use.
  5. No food or drink, other than water, allowed in the multi-purpose room.
  6. Book bags, personal bags and coats may be stored in the SRWC locker rooms.
  7. Instructors reserve the right to cancel classes with participation levels of 2 or less.
  8. Class times may vary during breaks and interims.  Please check at the SRWC front desk for modified scheduling information.
  9. Class times are subject to change.
  10. Equipment is to be used for intended purposes only.