More Kinesiology Scholarship Recipients

Cortney Deneen

Cortney Deneen, Dr. Mac Scholarship

Garrett Nicol

Garrett Nicol, Dr. Mac Scholarship

Joe Geha

Joe Geha, Kinesiology Scholarship

Andrew Collie

Andrew Collie, Kinesiology Scholarship

Ryan Haverkamp

Ryan Haverkamp, Dr. Mac Scholarship

Kinesiology Students Volunteering
Students Volunteering at Shawnee County's Largest Workout

Kinesiology Students volunteering at Shawnee County's Largest Workout held at Yager Stadium.

Student News & Awards

Scholarship Winners and
Majors of the Year

Andrew Stueve, B.Ed. Major of the Year

Andrew Stueve

B.Ed. Major of the Year &
Janet Bohl Scholarship




Brett Johnson, B.A. Major of the Year


Brett Johnson

B.A. Major of the Year &
Helen Hocker Scholarship




 Haley Holwick, B.S. Major of the Year


Haley Holwick

B.S. Major of the Year &
Helen Green Memorial Scholarship





Jessica Peschel, Center for Manual Medicine Scholar Winner


Jessica Peschel

Center for Manual
Medicine Scholarship





  Jon Vincent, Center for Manual Medicine Scholar 


Jon Vincent

Center for Manual
Medicine Scholarship




  Paul Stueve, Linda Nelson Scholarship


Paul Stueve

Linda Nelson Scholarship




  Kiefer ribiesca, Helen Hocker Scholarship


Kiefer Bribiesca

Helen Hocker Scholarship





  Josh Gomez, Janet Bohl Scholarship



 Josh Gomez

Janet Bohl Scholarship




  Rebecca Maasen, Amelia Belle Young Scholarship



Rebecca Maasen

Amelia Belle Young Scholarship


Kinesiology End of Year Event
Kinesiology Awards Ceremony

End of Year Party

Kinesiology/Art WTE Trip to Greece & Turkey
Students in front of Celsus Library at Ephesus Turkey


Dancers greeting us on Patmos Island

Obviously a great picture moment!

Kinesiology students at dinner on the ship on the Greek Isles

Fall 2013 Graduates
Fall 2013 Graduates

Left to Right: Jacob Sondag, Anthony Wunder, Hillary Hughes, Andrew Stueve, Colene Adams, Dakota Zeit, Jesse Moyer, Joe Geha.

Spring 2013 Graduates
Spring 2013 Kinesiology Graduates

From Left to Right: Jamie Larson, Ethan Brown, Cassandra Criger, Laura McMullin, Eric Burghart, Jason Dinkel, Matthew Hageman, Tyler Tunnell, Erin Koch, Tanner Speake, Chelsea Williams, Jonathan Clark, Sarah Plowman, Jacob Stucky, Allison Bruna