Master of Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, Benton Hall, Room 201, 1700 SW College Avenue, Topeka KS 66621, Phone: 785-670-1411

Degree Completion Requirements

Program Student Learning Outcomes (P-SLOs) upon graduation:

  • Interpret administrative principles and practices used in criminal justice agencies
  • Analyze theories relating to crime causation and criminality
  • Evaluate the interdisciplinary nature of the criminal justice system
  • Develop skills for conducting and evaluating criminal justice related research
  • Employ advanced problem-solving skills to identify, analyze, synthesize, and solve criminal justice operational problems that affect the delivery of criminal justice related services
  • Demonstrate ability to apply critical thinking, advanced writing, and verbal communication skills

Master of Criminal Justice Degree Requirements:

1. Complete all required coursework while maintaining no less than a “B” (3.0) average.

2. No more than two grades of "C" in the plan of study.

3. Maintain continuous enrollment each regular semester (fall and spring). A minimum of ONE (1) semester hour of graduate work will constitute continuous enrollments.

4. Complete all program requirements within seven (7) years of the date of entry into the MCJ degree program

5. Final Requirements for graduation include one of two options.  Options may be viewed in detail at the following link: Degree Completion Requirements

  • Thesis Option: The completion of 36 hours of course work, which includes CJ 699 Thesis.
  • Capstone Option: The completion of 36 hours of course work, which includes CJ 693 Capstone