Center for Kansas Studies

Kansas Studies Minor

In support the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and resources in the study the history and culture of the state of Kansas, a minor in Kansas Studies is offered to Washburn students. Students make application to the Center's director and take 15 hours from an approved list, on a graded basis, with at least 6 hours of upper division (300) level, as required.

For more information, please contact
Professor of Geography Tom Schmiedeler
Henderson Learning Center, Rm 225, phone 785 670-1559

Student Learning Outcomes:

Kansas Studies minors at Washburn University, upon graduation, are expected to have:

  •  acquired knowledge of the natural environment of Kansas and how humans have interacted with that environment;
  •  acquired knowledge and appreciation of the diversity of the cultures, arts and literature of Kansas; and
  •  acquired knowledge of Kansas history, economics and political processes.

Scheduled Spring 2014 Classes for the Kansas Studies Minor:

This information is changed per semester. See also: Spring 2014 Course Schedule (Search "All Courses" / "Kansas Studies")

  • EN 138 Kansas Literature 1:00-3:40, T, HC 206
  • GG 304 Geography of Kansas 1:00-2:15, MW, HC 307
  • GL 103 Historical Geology 5:30-6:45, MW, ST 118
  • HI 322 Kansas History 11:00-12:15, TR, HC 008
  • HI 397 Internship in History Agencies
  • PO 106 US Government 12:00-12:50, MWF, HC 208
  • PO 107 American State & Local Government, Online
  • PO 307 Internship in State & Local Government
  • PO 309 Kansas Legislative Experience 4:00-5:15, R, HC 203

Degree Minor:

The Kansas Studies Curriculum:

  • AN 225 Kansas Archeology
  • AR 114 Art and Architecture of Kansas
  • AR 399 Documentary Photography ("Small Kansas Towns")
  • BI 280 Special Topics (when taught as "Kansas Amphibians," "Turtles & Reptiles" or "Kansas Birds")
  • CN 330 Communication and Conflict in Negotiation (Kansas emphasis)
  • EN 138 Kansas Literature
  • EN 190 Film Appreciation (when taught as "Kansas in the Movies")
  • EN 199, 299 Special Topics (when taught as "399 Kansas Characters," "Kansas Folklore" or "Mapping Kansas Literature")
  • GG 304 Kansas Geography
  • GL 103 Historical Geology (with Kansas emphasis)
  • HI 300 Topics in History (when taught as "Kansas Characters" or as "John Brown")
  • HI 322 Kansas History
  • HI 397 Internship in Historical Agencies Topics 
  • IS 400 Special Topics (when taught as "Kansas Characters")
  • LS 590 Mapping Kansas Literature
  • PO 107 American State and Local Government
  • PO 307 Internship in State and Local Government
  • PO 309 Kansas Legislative Experience