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Thanks to a steady stream of new artwork, you'll never experience the same Mulvane twice. We host about a dozen different guest exhibitions each year - on top of the Museum's hefty in-house collection.

Depending on when you stop by, you might be treated to something classic or current, traditional or totally unexpected. But you can always count on seeing a bit of the Midwest in the mix. As with the collection, our exhibitions feature a strong showing of Kansas and regional artists.

Scout past, present and future exhibitions below.

And you can always share your two cents about something you saw at the Mulvane - on our Facebook wall at Mulvane Art Museum.

If you have a proposal for an exhibition, submit this Exhibition Proposal Form
All proposals are reviewed by an exhibition committee.  It takes several months for the committee to meet, review the materials and make a recommendation.  Exhibitions are scheduled at least one year or more in advance.  Gallery Floor Plans

Current Exhibitions
Here's what's showing at the Mulvane right this minute.
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Upcoming Exhibitions
See just what we have up our sleeve in the coming months.
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Archived Exhibitions
Take a stroll down memory lane, with the beloved exhibitions of days gone by.
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Museum Virtual Tours
Visit some past exhibits like the Art of the Brick or see the Topiary with a Twist sculpture on the Museum's front lawn in Washburn at Night.

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