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About Us

Fellows of the Center :

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Please click on each fellow's name to go to an individual profile page containing a photo and further information:

    Deborah Altus is an Associate Professor of Human Services and a Fellow
    of the Gerontological Society of America.  Her interests include dementia care, mental health and aging, and housing for older persons. She was on the advisory committee of the Kansas Elder Count and serves on the Kansas Mental Health and Aging Coalition. Email is

    Thomas Fox Averill is Writer-in-residence and Professor of English at Washburn University of Topeka, where he teaches courses in Creative Writing and in Kansas Literature, Folklore and Film. Email is; webpage is

    Bob Beatty is a Professor of Political Science at Washburn University in Topeka. His research and projects in Kansas Studies focus on Kansas history and politics, with a particular focus on Kansas governors and Kansas elections. He is the political analyst for KSNT-27 News in Topeka and writes a syndicated column on Kansas politics that runs in over 20 newspapers across the state. Dr. Beatty is the producer of the documentary The Kansas Governor and he has hosted public affairs programs that have aired throughout Kansas and nationwide on C-SPAN. His research on Kansas politics has appeared in publications such as Campaigns and Elections, Kansas History, Law Wise, TK Magazine, and The Political Encyclopedia of U.S. States. He is also the co-director of the Washburn Kansas legislative internship program. Email is:; webpage is

    Roy Bird, Adjunct Professor of English, is employed full time as FederalProjects Coordinator and Consultant for the Kansas State Library. He has a book review column called "Kansas Books" in the State Library's newsletter, Kansas Libraries. He has written several books on Kansas history, including Washburn Through the Years, a history of Washburn University. He teachs freshman composition. Email is

    Barbara Burgess is Professor Emeritus in Mass Media at Washburn University. As instructor she taught classes in Kansas and the Media. 

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    Marcia Cebulska is a playwright and a Kansan by choice. Marcia’s most recent play is NOW LET ME FLY, commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Topeka decision. See for more on the play or the playwright. Email is

    Virgil Dean , Adjunct Assistant Professor of History, is in his full-time job Director for Publications for the Kansas State Historical Society and the editor of Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains . He has taught Kansas History many times, and plans to continue teaching it, periodically, as an online course. Email is

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    Paul Fecteau teaches in the English Department at Washburn and serves as a board member of Woodley Press.  For more information visit his faculty Web page,; e-mail is

    Amy Fleury is an Assistant Professor of English specializing in American literature and creative writing. Email is

    William J. Gilliland, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Geology,  is a Licensed Geologist and in his full-time job Environmental Scientist, Division Of Water Resources, Kansas Department of Agriculture. Gilliland writes: "Throughout my professional career, I have been interested in the interaction between the people of the State of Kansas and the land that they have settled.  As a part of the Kansas Studies Center, I will have an opportunity to share with students how geology has developed and shaped the land that became Kansas, and how plants, animals and humans have utilized it." Email is

    Rachel Waltner Goossen is a Professor of History, a Kansas native, and holds degrees in History from Bethel College, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and the University of Kansas. Email is

    Rob Hull is an Associate Professor of Finance in Washburn's School of Business. He is also a native Kansan and wants to be of service to groups in Kansas by speaking on subjects related to finance, including (i) application of theories for financial executives of Kansas firms, and (ii) decisions of personal investment for retirement.  Email is

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    William O. Wagnon is a Professor of History, where he has taught since 1968. He teaches a course in the history of the American cities which has as a focus the history of Topeka and is the project manager for The Historic Ritchie House historic house project here in Topeka.  Email is

    Ron Wasserstein, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Statistics, is a transplanted Kansan who in his spare time serves as consultant with various state and local government agencies. Email is

    Tom Wolf, is a Professor of Biology and is active in educating the public about the Kansas environment, especially the role of  and the impact agriculture has on the environment of Kansans. Email is

    Margaret Wood is an historical archaeologist and is an assistant professor in the Sociology and Anthropology Department at Washburn University. Her research focuses on the ways that gender, class and national identity articulate with collective social action.  Her dissertation fieldwork was conducted on the site of an early 20th century coal mining community and she has recently begun a project focusing on Poor Farms in Kansas. Email is

    Carol Yoho, is a Adjunct Professor of Art. She teaches Web Design classes with CKS Fellow Ed Marchant. Carol's Washburn website has many photo essays promoting places and events in Kansas. Email is; webpage is

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