Equal Opportunity

Access Barrier Report Form

Access Barrier Report Form
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Accommodations and Accessibility

Reasonable Accommodation

Washburn University prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in employment, hiring, education, cultural, and recreational opportunities for employees, students, and members of the public.  Washburn University is committed to providing access to its programs for individuals with disabilities.

Employees and Visitors:

If you are an employee with a disability and need an accommodation to enable you to perform the essential functions of your job, or you are the supervisor of an employee who has requested an accommodation, or you are a visitor to campus and need an accommodation to attend or participate in a campus activity, please contact:

Dr. Pam Foster
Equal Opportunity Director, Title IX Coordinator, ADA Coordinator
Morgan Hall, 200K
1700 SW College Avenue
Topeka, KS  66621
Telephone:  785-670-1509
Fax:  785-670-3233


If you are a student with a disability and need an accommodation to access Washburn University's program benefits and services, or you are a faculty member and a student has requested an accommodation, please contact one of the offices listed below.  Program benefits and services include but are not limited to access to classrooms, course materials, testing, housing, dining services; etc.

Washburn University
Kim Sturgeon, Diversity and Inclusion
Morgan Hall, 105
Topeka, KS  66621
Telephone:  785-670-1629
Email: diversity.inclusion@washburn.edu

Washburn School of Law
Aida M. Alaka, Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs
1700 SW College Avenue
Topeka, KS  66621
Telephone:  785-670-1662
Email: aida.alaka@Washburn.edu

Washburn Institute of Technology
Gloria Christian, Testing/ADA Coordinator
5724 SW Huntoon St.
Topeka, KS  66604
Telephone:  785-228-6356
Email:  gloria.christian@washburn.edu

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