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Sam Leung

College of Arts and Sciences
1700 SW College Ave
Topeka, KS 66621-1117
Degrees & Certifications
Calif St Univ-Stanislaus, Bachelor of Science
Univ of California-Davis, Doctor of Philosophy
Academic History

Professor, Washburn University, 2012-present

Associate Professor, Washburn University, 2004-2012

Assistant Professor, Washburn University, 1997-2004

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Wesleyan University, 1995-1997

  • CH 340 A, Organic Chemistry I
  • CH 341 A, Organic Chemistry II
  • CH 342 A, Organic Chemistry Lab I
  • CH 342 L1, Organic Chemistry Lab I
  • CH 342 L2, Organic Chemistry Lab I
  • CH 342 L3, Organic Chemistry Lab I
  • CH 342 L4, Organic Chemistry Lab I
  • CH 343 A, Organic Chemistry Lab II
  • CH 343 L1, Organic Chemistry Lab II
  • CH 343 L2, Organic Chemistry Lab II
  • CH 343 L3, Organic Chemistry Lab II
  • CH 390 C, Undergrad Chemical Research
  • CH 390 D, Undergrad Chemical Research
Scholarly Interests/Activities
Methodology development for the synthesis of pyrroles, porphyrins, and related compounds
Service Interests/Activities
Program Review Committee
Apeiron Committee
Pre-medical advisor
Kansas Academy of Science, Secretary
Career Accomplishments

Recent Publications:

Jacobi, P. A.; Brielmann, H. L.; Chiu, M.; Ghosh, I.; Hauck, S. I.; Lanz, S.; Leung, S.; Li, Y.; Liu, H.; Löwer, F.; O’Neal, W. G.; Pippin, D.; Pollina, E.; Pratt, B. A.; Robert, F.; Roberts, W. P.; Tassa, C.; Wang, H. “4-Alkynoic Acids in the Synthesis of Biologically Important Tetrapyrroles.” Heterocycles 2011, 82, 1029-1081.

Shaver, L. A.; Leung, S. H.; Puderbaugh, A.; Angel, S. A. “ Two Methods of Determining Total Phenolic Content of Foods and Juices in a General, Organic, and Biological (GOB) Chemistry Lab.” Journal of Chemical Education 2011, 88, 492-495.