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Brian Ogawa

Human Services
School of Applied Studies
1700 SW College Ave
Topeka, KS 66621-1117
Degrees & Certifications
Univ of Calif-Los Angeles, Bachelor of Arts
Fuller Theological Seminary, Master of Divinity
San Francisco Theological Sem, Doctor of Ministry
Academic History

D.Min., Counseling, San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1979
M.Div., Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1972
B.A., Social Sciences, UCLA, 1967 
Washburn University: Assistant Professor 2001-2006
Associate Professor/Tenured 2006-2011
Department Chair: 2006-2015
Professor 2011-present
University of North Texas: Director, National Academy for Victim Studies/Associate Faculty, 1996-1997

  • HS 201 A, Victimology
  • HS 360 B, Dir Study in Human Services
  • HS 374 WA, East Thrps In Intervnt & Treat
  • HS 376 A, Morita Therapy Intensive
  • HS 477 WA, Morita Methods in Counseling
  • HS 478 A, Morita Therapy Research Sem
  • HS 560 GB, Directed Studies
  • HS 674 GWA, Eastern Ther/Interven & Trtmnt
  • HS 676 GA, Morita Therapy Intensive
  • HS 677 GWA, Morita Methods in Counseling
  • HS 678 GA, Morita Therapy Research Sem
Scholarly Interests/Activities
Post-Trauma; Victimology; Cultural Competency; Eastern Therapies: Morita Therapy and Naikan Therapy; Hate and Bias Crimes.
Published Books Authored: Walking on Eggshells: Counseling for Women in or Leaving an Abusive Relationship (Kendall Hunt); To Tell The Truth (Volcano Press); Color of Justice: Cultural Sensitive Treatment of Minority Crime Victims, 2nd Ed. (Allyn & Bacon); A River to Live By: The 12 Life Principles of Morita Therapy (Xlibris/Random House). Desire for Life: The Practitioner’s Introduction to Morita Therapy for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders (Xlibris/Pearson/Penguin).
Service Interests/Activities
International Education; International Committee of Morita Therapy-United States representative; Victim/Survivor Services
Career Accomplishments

National Crime Victim Service  Award, 1995, presented by the President and Attorney General at the White House; Director, Crime Victims Research and Policy Institute, Texas Attorney General's Office 1996-2001; Division Chief, Maui County, Hawaii Prosecuting Attorney's Office, 1982-1996; National Violence Against Women Council, U.S. Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services, 1995-2000.