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Kelly Erby

Assistant Professor
College of Arts & Sciences
1700 SW College Ave
Topeka, KS 66621-1117
Degrees & Certifications
Ohio State University, Bachelor of Arts
Emory University, Master of Arts
Emory University, Doctor of Philosophy
Academic History

assistant professor, Washburn University, 2011-present

visiting lecturer, Georgia State University, 2010-2011

Mellon teaching fellow, Agnes Scott College, 2009-2010

  • HI 111 VA, US History through Civil War
  • HI 112 5HA, US History Since Civil War
  • HI 112 5MA, US History Since Civil War
  • HI 112 5RA, US History Since Civil War
  • HI 112 5TA, US History Since Civil War
  • HI 112 5WA, US History Since Civil War
  • HI 112 B, US History Since Civil War
  • HI 112 C, US History Since Civil War
  • HI 300 B, Topics in History
  • HI 300 E, Topics in History
  • HI 395 A, History Forum
  • HN 202 D, Seminar in the Social Sciences
Scholarly Interests/Activities

I am interested in the development of a distinctive American cultural identity and the place of economic, race, and ethnic difference within that larger national identity.

My current research project examines the development of commercial, public dining in America as a window into these subjects.

Service Interests/Activities

As a new professor at Washburn, I hope to be involved in diversity initiatives at the University.

Career Accomplishments

Co-curator, “Portrait and Text: African American Artists of Dance, Music and the Written Word,” MARBL (Atlanta, GA), 2011, 

Mellon Foundation Graduate Teaching Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2009-2010 “Worthy of Respect: Black Waiters in Boston before the Civil War.” Food and History 5 (February 2008): 205-18