Faculty Handbook

Appendix I: Academic Organization Chart

The President reports to the Board of Regents.

The following areas report to the President: University Counsel, Administration/Treasurer, Student Life, Intercollegiate Athletics, Enrollment Management, Governmental and University Relations, Equal Opportunity, Academic Affairs.

The following areas report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs: University Libraries, Mulvane Art Museum, International Programs, KTWU, Center for Student Success and Retention, Leadership Institute, Center for Community Service/Service Learning, Honors, Academic Scheduling and Commencement Services, Grants Office, Washburn Transformational Experience, and the Division of Academic Outreach.

The major academic units also report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs: The College of Arts and Sciences, the Schools of Law, Business, Nursing and Applied Studies.

The College of Arts and Sciences consists of five divisions: (1) Creative and Performing Arts (Departments of Art, Theatre, Music and Mass Media); (2) Education and Kinesiology; (3) Humanities (Departments of English, Communications, Modern Languages, Philosophy); (4) Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Departments of Physics/Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Information Sciences, Mathematics/Statistics); and Social Sciences (Departments of Political Science, History, Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology).

The School of Law contains the Law Library, Law Professional Development, Law Clinic, Admissions, Advancement, and Alumni.

The School of Business undergraduate program consists of accounting, marketing, management, finance and economics. The School of Business also houses two graduate programs and the Small Business Development Center

The School of Nursing consists of undergraduate and graduate programs including a Master of Science in Nursing and a Doctor of Nursing Practice.

The School of Applied Studies contains the following units: Allied Health (Health Services Administration, Medical Imaging, Health Information Technology, Physical Therapist Asst., Respiratory Therapy, Radiologic Technology, Medical Sonography, Health Information Coding, Radiation Therapy, Technology Administration, Occupational Therapy Asst. and a graduate program in Health Education), Human Services (Addiction Counseling with graduate program, Developmental Disabilities, Gerontology/Aging, Mental Health, Youth Services, and Victim/Survivor Services), Criminal Justice and Legal Studies (law enforcement, corrections, security administration, criminal justice graduate program, Legal Studies) and Social Work (BSW, MSW).