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Biology students and instructor


Individual consultations about teaching and learning are available to all faculty, instructors, adjuncts, staff, and peer educators. Sessions are based on the specific issues or innovation you would like to discuss. Often topics are related to course design, student engagement, and assessment practices.  All consultations are confidential.

Formats for consults include small group meetings in your office or at the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning, classroom observations, videotaping, or focus groups with students.

Topics We Can Address

Course Planning & Design

  • Constructing a syllabus
  • Creating an inviting, inclusive classroom
  • Writing learning objectives

Effective Teaching Methods

  • Active learning strategies
  • Collaborative learning techniques
  • Planning successful first and last days
  • Teaching on-line and hybrid courses
  • Incorporating new technology into the classroom

Assessment of Student Learning

  • Classroom assessment techniques
  • Writing effective test questions
  • Giving effective feedback to students
  • Mid-semester interviews with students

Documenting Teaching and Other Professional Activities

  • Interpreting end of the semester evaluations
  • Classroom observations

Consultation Options

  • Classroom visit: a consultant visits your class to observe your classroom presentation. All consultations are carried out in a supportive, confidential environment. Pre- and post-visit meetings with the consultant enable you to set the context, establish goals, and debrief through a non-judgmental conversation.
  • Individual consultations: consultants are available to discuss and assist in many aspects of instruction including planning a course, creating a syllabus, using technology in the classroom, planning a single activity, assessing student learning, and/or addressing a multicultural question in the classroom.

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