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Your accomplishments deserve recognition!

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The faculty and staff of Washburn University are leaders of excellence in education, demonstrating a commitment to research, scholarly activity and service.

Have you made a presentation at a conference, been appointed to a committee or written an article accepted for publication in a journal? We encourage you to submit a Plaudits form to highlight such accomplishments. You can submit a Plaudits form for yourself or on behalf of a co-worker.

Guidelines for submission

Do not use acronyms.  Please provide the complete name of an organization, publication, etc.

Publications: List only books, articles and reviews that have been accepted for publication or published. Do not list works which have been submitted for consideration.

Journal articles: Please provide complete name of journal, volume, page(s), issue number and date of publication.

Books: Provide date of publication, name and location of publisher.

Presentations: Give title of presentation, complete name of group or organization addressed, city and state of event and date.

Offices and appointments: Give complete name of organization; name of committee, task force, etc.; term of office/appointment.

Awards and honors: Please provide the complete name of the honor/award, the organization bestowing the award and the year given.

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